Accounting Specialist: Public Accounting (BCom) - ASSPE2678

Completion Requirements: 

(15.0-16.0 full courses or their equivalent out of 20 courses, for a BCom)

First Year:

1. ( ECO101H1, ECO102H1)/ ECO100Y1, RSM100H1/​ MGT100H1/​ RSM100Y

2. MAT133Y1/​( MAT135H1, MAT136H1)/ MAT137Y1/​ MAT157Y1

3. Students who began in September 2016 and after are strongly encouraged to take RSM219H1, RSM230H1 and RSM250H1 in their first year of study

4. Students are encouraged to take one course towards the Breadth Requirement in First Year


Second and Higher Years:

5. ECO204Y1/​ ECO206Y1; ECO220Y1/​ ECO227Y1/​( STA220H1, STA255H1)*/( STA237H1, STA238H1)/( STA257H1, STA261H1)

6. RSM219H1, RSM220H1, RSM221H1, RSM222H1

7. RSM323H1, RSM324H1, RSM332H1, RSM333H1

*For students who began their Year 2 studies of Rotman Commerce in Fall 2019 and after: STA220H1 and STA255H1 are considered equivalent to ECO220Y1 for the purposes of completing Rotman Commerce program requirements only. They are not considered equivalent by the Economics department. Therefore STA220H1 and STA255H1 will not count towards an ECO minor nor will it count as a pre-req for upper level ECO courses where ECO220Y1 is required. Please consult the Commerce department if you are considering STA220H1 and STA255H1.

Second and Higher Years for students who began Y2 studies in September 2018 and onwards:

8. RSM225H1RSM230H1RSM250H1

9. RSM320H1RSM321H1RSM322H1

10. 0.5 FCE from RSM260H1, RSM270H1, RSM392H1

11. Any 1.0 300+ ECO

12. RSM422H1RSM423H1RSM424H1RSM426H1RSM427H1

13. Optional 0.5 RSM elective

Second and Higher Years for students who began studies in September 2016 and onwards:

8. RSM225H1, RSM230H1, RSM250H1

9. RSM320H1, RSM321H1, RSM322H1

10. Any 1.0 300+ ECO

11. RSM422H1, RSM423H1, RSM424H1, RSM426H1, RSM427H1

Second and higher years for students who began studies prior to September 2016:

8. RSM225H1

9. 0.5 from RSM230H1, RSM250H1, RSM260H1, RSM270H1, RSM392H1

10. RSM320H1, RSM321H1, RSM322H1

11. Any 1.0 300+ ECO

12. RSM422H1, RSM423H1, RSM424H1, RSM426H1, RSM427H1

Note: Students must take a minimum of 10.0 RSM and 10.0 non-RSM credits. Those who began their Y2 studies in September 2018 and onwards must, at minimum, take 10.5 RSM required courses but can take an additional 0.5 RSM elective. That is, the 20 FCE needed towards the degree can be either 10.5 RSM and 9.5 non-RSM credits or 11 RSM and 9.0 non-RSM credits. MGT100H1 will be considered equivalent to RSM100H1 and count as 0.5 RSM courses towards the program requirement for Arts and Science transfer students. ECO209Y1 and ECO374H1 are strongly recommended. Students may enrol in only one Rotman Commerce Specialist.