American Studies Minor (Arts Program) - ASMIN0135

Completion Requirements: 

(4 full courses or their equivalent, including at least one 300+ series course in at least two disciplines)

Second year:
1. 1.0 FCE from the 200-level gateway courses in English ( ENG250H1 and either ENG270H1 or ENG235H1), History ( HIS271Y1), Geography ( GGR240H1 and GGR254H1), or Political Science ( POL203Y1), or Cinema Studies ( CIN270Y1).

Third year:
2. Students must take USA300H1 (0.5 FCE).

Second, third, and fourth years:
3. 2.5 courses from the eligible courses listed below to total 4.0 FCEs.

NOTE: Other 300+ series courses with American content may be allowed; students should seek early approval of program credit for such courses.