Biology Minor (Jointly Offered With National University Of Singapore)

(Science Program)
Enrolment Requirements: 

This Type 3 minor program represents a unique opportunity to study biology in a different cultural environment. For more information, contact the Centre for International Experience (

Completion Requirements: 

(4 full courses or their equivalent)

First Year (1.0 FCE): BIO120H1">BIO120H1; BIO130H1">BIO130H1

Higher Years:

1. 1.0 FCE from: BIO220H1">BIO220H1; BIO230H1">BIO230H1/​BIO255H1">BIO255H1; BIO251H1">BIO251H1; BIO270H1">BIO270H1/​PSL300H1">PSL300H1; BIO271H1">BIO271H1/​PSL301H1">PSL301H1; BIO260H1">BIO260H1/​HMB265H1">HMB265H1; ENV234H1">ENV234H1

2. 2.0 FCEs: any available LSM courses at the National University of Singapore for which you have the appropriate equivalent U of T course prerequisite and for which space is available (note: 1.0 FCE at NUS must be at the 3000 or 4000 level). You enrol through the NUS generic courses at U of T: NUS301H0">NUS301H0, NUS302H0">NUS302H0, etc. For a list of LSM courses see: To discuss exclusions and prerequisites contact the EEB Undergraduate Office.