CSB428H1: Advanced Cell Biology II: Cell Polarity and Cytoskeletal Dynamics


This advanced course covers cell polarity and cytoskeletal dynamics emphasizing current literature. For each topic, the course examines (1) the proteins involved, (2) their interactions and regulation, and (3) how they organize specific cellular structures. The coordination of these complexes for orchestrating complex cellular processes is also addressed. These important topics of cell biology are pursued with question-driven lectures, and both round-table discussions and group presentations of research papers.


Minimum grade of 73% in BCH311H1/​ CSB349H1/​ MGY311Y1, minimum grade of 73% in BCH340H1/​ CJH332H1/​ CSB328H1/​ CSB329H1/​ CSB331H1/​ CSB340H1/​ CSB353H1/​CSB397Y0

Distribution Requirements: 
Breadth Requirements: 
Living Things and Their Environment (4)