CSC207H1: Software Design


An introduction to software design and development concepts, methods, and tools using a statically-typed object-oriented programming language such as Java. Topics from: version control, unit testing, refactoring, object-oriented design and development, design patterns, advanced IDE usage, regular expressions, and reflection. Representation of floating-point numbers and introduction to numerical computation.


60% or higher in CSC148H1

Distribution Requirements: 
Breadth Requirements: 
The Physical and Mathematical Universes (5)

Please note: The minimum prerequisite grade in CSC148H1 and CSC165H1/CSC240H1 is lower than the minimum grade for program admission. If you take this course when your grade in CSC148H1 or CSC165H1/CSC240H1 is lower than the requirement for program admission, you will be unable to enrol in a Computer Science program. If you hope to enrol in a Computer Science program in future, please ensure that you satisfy the program admission grade requirements in CSC148H1 and CSC165H1/CSC240H1 before completing any 200-level course.