CSC258H1: Computer Organization


Computer structures, machine languages, instruction execution, addressing techniques, and digital representation of data. Computer system organization, memory storage devices, and microprogramming. Block diagram circuit realizations of memory, control and arithmetic functions. There are a number of laboratory periods in which students conduct experiments with digital logic circuits.


60% or higher in CSC111H1/​CSC148H1, 60% or higher in CSC111H1/​CSC165H1/​CSC240H1 (Please note: The minimum prerequisite grades in CSC148H1 and CSC165H1/​CSC240H1 are lower than the minimum grades for program admission in Computer Science. If you take this course when your grade in CSC148H1 or CSC165H1/​CSC240H1 is lower than the requirement for program admission, you will be unable to enrol in a Computer Science program. If you hope to enrol in a Computer Science program in future, please ensure that you satisfy the program admission grade requirements in CSC148H1 and CSC165H1/​​CSC240H1 before completing CSC258H1.)

Distribution Requirements: 
Breadth Requirements: 
The Physical and Mathematical Universes (5)