DRM302H1: Directing II


A continuation of DRM202H1, concentrating on major concepts and artistic practices in directing. The course focuses on different styles, ideas, and goals of theatre directors in their relations to actors, audiences, and broad cultural and political contexts. A major component will be the practical application of basic directing techniques. Please consult the CDTPS undergraduate web page for information on how to apply and the deadline to apply.


Minimum 70% in required courses: DRM100Y1/​ DRM101Y1/​( UNI102H1, UNI106H1)/ UNI102Y1; DRM202H1; and permission of the Centre.


DRM220Y1/​ DRM230Y1 or any course from Group A.

Recommended Preparation: 
Distribution Requirements: 
Breadth Requirements: 
Creative and Cultural Representations (1)