EAS444H1: The City, Body and Text in Modern Japanese Literature


This course examines how the city and body exert formative forces on the text, and how the practice of writing and reading texts informs the ways we, as corporeal beings, experience the city as manifested in the 20th-century Japanese literature.


EAS105H1 and EAS263H1/​ EAS230H1/​ EAS235H1/​ EAS256H1/​ EAS257H1/​ EAS284H1/​ EAS284Y1/​ EAS309H1/​ EAS327H1/​ EAS334H1/​ EAS334Y1/​ EAS366H1/​ EAS380H1/​ EAS397H1, or permission of the instructor.

Distribution Requirements: 
Breadth Requirements: 
Creative and Cultural Representations (1)