ECO466H1: Empirical Macroeconomics and Policy


This course builds on material covered in ECO208Y1, ECO325H1, and ECO374H1/ECO375H1. Students will increase their data literacy and learn to apply techniques to address policy issues. Topics covered: how monetary policy is conducted, ways in which central banks use general equilibrium models and basic techniques for predicting key macroeconomic variables. Students will follow current global issues and forecast how domestic and international events may alter the Bank of Canada's monetary policy in the short run.


ECO208Y1(70%)/ ECO209Y1(70%)/ ECO202Y1(75%)/ ECO325H1(70%); ECO374H1(70%)/ ECO375H1(70%)

Recommended Preparation: 
Breadth Requirements: 
Society and its Institutions (3)