EEB440H1: Ecology and Evolution of Plant-Animal Interactions


Major concepts in ecology and evolution from the perspective of plant-animal interactions. The richness of interactions between plants and animals is explored including antagonistic interactions (e.g., herbivory, carnivorous plants), mutualistic interactions (e.g., pollination, seed dispersal, ant-plant associations), and interactions involving multiple species across trophic levels.


BIO220H1, a course in statistics (from EEB225H1 (recommended)/PSY201H1 / STA220H1/​ STA257H1/​ STA288H1/​ GGR270H1/​ HMB325H1) and at least one of EEB318H1 /EEB319H1/​ EEB321H1/​ EEB323H1/​ EEB324H1/​ EEB328H1/​ EEB403H1/​ EEB403H0/ EEB405H1/​ EEB405H0/ EEB406H1/​ EEB406H0/ EEB407H1/​ EEB407H0/ EEB410H1/​ EEB410H0

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Living Things and Their Environment (4)