FAH445H1: The Paris Salon and French Art of the Nineteenth Century


French painting, sculpture, and criticism of the mid-19th century, with particular to the key role played by the Paris Salon: its emergence and decline as a public space for exhibitions, its impact on the shape of artistic careers, and the relation between the Salon and artistic practices. Attention both to Modernist artists, such as Manet, and to their opponents. Students will engage in critical readings of primary and secondary texts (Baudelaire, T. J. Clark, Michael Fried), as well as conduct original research on important Salon paintings and sculptures. Assignments will include a book review, an annotated bibliography, and a research paper.

Recommended Preparation: 

FAH346H1/​ FAH345H1. Reading knowledge of French strongly recommended.

Distribution Requirements: 
Breadth Requirements: 
Creative and Cultural Representations (1)