FAH465H1: Exhibiting China


This seminar teaches students the skills required to curate an exhibition of Chinese materials. Working firsthand with objects of Chinese art and visual culture in local Toronto collections, students learn to document the object, assess authenticity, write object labels, panel texts, and catalogue essays. Students will thus prepare an exhibition, actual or virtual, of Chinese objects in local collections.


FAH260H1/​ FAH262H1/​ FAH360H1/​ FAH363H1/​ FAH364H1/​ FAH368H1/​ EAS211Y0/ EAS227Y/ EAS233H1/​ EAS237Y1/​ EAS305Y1/​ EAS331Y1; permission of instructor

Recommended Preparation: 

Two additional courses in Chinese/East Asian art

Distribution Requirements: 
Breadth Requirements: 
Creative and Cultural Representations (1)