GER391H1: iPRAKTIKUM Experiential Learning and Internationalization Internship


The course provides curricular support for a variety of work and community-engaged, experiential learning placements in the GTA and in German-speaking countries. The placements are designed to deepen linguistic, cultural, and analytical skills acquired in the classroom in work-related environments, create an awareness of the translatability of academic knowledge to other contexts, promote global competency, and foster links to the community. The number of weekly hours spent in the field, the scope of learning objectives, and the nature of reflective activities are determined on an individual basis in consultation with the host institution, the German Department, and other units in which the student is pursuing a program degree (as required). In addition to successfully achieving the formulated learning goals, students must complete assignments such as eJournals and research papers as well as participate in peer-to-peer reporting and post-placement interviews.


GER100Y1 and GER200Y1 or consent of department (equivalent proficiency level B1)

Recommended Preparation: 

3.0 FCE in GER courses

Distribution Requirements: 
Breadth Requirements: 
Society and its Institutions (3)