HMB440H1: Dementia


This course, featuring a service-learning component, explores dementia. In patients with dementia, intellectual, social and occupational functioning deteriorate. The course addresses the multi-disciplinary aspects of dementia (clinical, genetic, molecular, social) with a focus on the most common cause of dementia, Alzheimer's disease.

A short application to enrol in this course is required. Information may be found via the Human Biology Program website.


14 FCE complete, PSL300H1, HMB300H1/​ HMB301H1/​ HMB302H1/​ HMB310H1/​ HMB311H1/​ HMB312H1/​ HMB312H1/​ HMB320H1/​ HMB321H1/​ HMB322H1

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Living Things and Their Environment (4)