HMB441H1: Genetics of Human Disease


This advanced course aims to provide students with current, in-depth knowledge of the genetics of specific human diseases, including single gene (e.g., Huntington disease), multifactorial (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease), and non-Mendelian (e.g. mitochondrial DNA-related disease) disorders, and how the use of genetics to elucidate disease mechanisms can lead to treatments and personalized medicine in order to improve healthcare.


14 FCE complete, HMB265H1/​ BIO260H1, BCH210H1, HMB302H1/​ HMB321H1/​ HMB322H1/​ BCH311H1/​ CSB349H1/​ MGY311Y1/​ PSL350H1, and HMB201H1/​ HMB202H1/​ HMB203H1/​ HMB204H1

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Living Things and Their Environment (4)