INI235H1: A Multidisciplinary Introduction to Urban Studies I: Theoretical Foundations of City Building

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Focuses on the theoretical foundations of urbanization, urban change, and city building, with particular attention on global urban growth, history of contemporary urbanization, urban planning, governance, built form, and economic development. These topics are explored through a multidisciplinary lens, with an emphasis on understanding urban transitions over time and their meaning for contemporary urban experience.


Four courses with at least one of the following: ECO100Y1/​ ECO105Y1 or 1.0 FCE from 100-level GGR courses including GGR101H1, GGR107H1, GGR112H1 and GGR124H1, or 1.0 FCE from 100-level POL courses including POL101Y1, or POL214Y1, or 1.0 FCE from 100-level SOC courses including SOC101Y1, SOC102H1, and SOC103H1

Distribution Requirements: 
Social Science
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Society and its Institutions (3)