MAT138H1: Introduction to Proofs


The goal of this course is for students to become comfortable with abstraction, rigour, logic, and proofs. They will practice reading and understanding mathematical statements, analyzing definitions and properties, formulating conjectures and generalizations, providing and writing reasonable and precise arguments, writing and critiquing proofs. The instructor may use specific mathematical content, which could vary from year to year, to practice these skills. The course is aimed at students interested in the creative character of mathematics, particularly those planning to take any of our proof-oriented courses, and is an excellent preparation for MAT137Y1, MAT157Y1, or MAT240H1.

Note: students may take this course concurrently with MAT157Y1 or MAT137Y1, or prior to registering in MAT157Y1 or MAT137Y1. This course can also be used by students who have already taken MAT136H1 and wish to bridge the gap to MAT237Y1.


High school level calculus

Distribution Requirements: 
Breadth Requirements: 
The Physical and Mathematical Universes (5)