NEW113H1: Unpacking Digital Technology


What are the social and material implications of the digital technologies we use every day - for the present and for the future? This course explores how digital technologies have been remaking the world and affecting our lives by tracing their historical development, their social effects, and the impact of their physical presence. It also peers into scenarios of the future in this digital world. Students engage in research on a topic of their own interest. Restricted to first-year students. Not eligible for CR/NCR option.


NEW101H1/​NEW102H1/​NEW103H1/​NEW104H1/​NEW105H1/​NEW106H1/​Permission of the New One Coordinator


INI/Munk/SMC/TRN/UNI/VIC/WDW One; NEW111H1/​NEW112H1/​NEW114H1/​NEW115H1/​NEW116H1

Distribution Requirements: 
Social Science
Breadth Requirements: 
Society and its Institutions (3)