POL424H1: Globalization and Indigenous Politics (formerly JPA461Y1)


The course explores the intersections of globalization and indigenous politics and introduces students to critical considerations of globalization from the perspective of indigenous peoples. It investigates the dominant economic paradigm as the historical outcome of colonization and examines political and economic alternatives and challenges that various indigenous struggles embody and embrace. Issues explored in the course include indigenous epistemologies, impacts of globalization on indigenous peoples, international indigenous organizing, democratization and political participation, human rights, indigenous economies, contested sovereignties and indigenous social movements. It examines indigenous communities as heterogeneous locations where not only impacts of globalization but forms of engagement and resistance take various forms.


POL201Y1/​ POLB90H3 and POLB91H3/​ INS201Y1/​permission of instructor


POL410H1F (taken in 2009-10); JPA461H1

Recommended Preparation: 

Studies in Indigenous/Aboriginal politics or law; studies in globalization

Distribution Requirements: 
Social Science
Breadth Requirements: 
Society and its Institutions (3)