POL468H1: International Relations of Ethnic Conflict


This course explores the internationalization of ethnic conflict and the international drivers of civil war. It covers diaspora politics, contagion and demonstration effects, regional security complexes, separatism and irredentism, and international interventions. Students are expected to write an original social science research paper, and participate in discussions, simulations, and teamwork.


POL208Y1/​POL208Y5/(POLB80H3, POLB81H3)


POL466H1 (Topics in International Politics III: International Relations of Ethnic Conflict), offered in Fall 2013, Winter 2015, and Winter 2016; POLD09H3

Recommended Preparation: 

A 300-level course in International Security is recommended.

Distribution Requirements: 
Social Science
Breadth Requirements: 
Society and its Institutions (3)