POL481H1: Geopolitics of Cyberspace


The Geopolitics of ICTs course is an intensive examination of the ways in which states and non-state actors are contesting the newly evolving terrain of global digital-electronic-telecommunications. Topics covered include Internet censorship and surveillance, information warfare, computer network attacks, hacktivism, and governance of global communications. The course is organized as a series of intensive modules. One feature of the class will be a "hands-on" analysis of censorship circumvention and network interrogation techniques at the Citizen Lab (http://www.citizenlab.org/).


POL208Y1/​POL208Y5/(POLB80H3, POLB81H3)


POL481Y1/​POL486Y1 (taken in 2008-09)

Distribution Requirements: 
Social Science
Breadth Requirements: 
Society and its Institutions (3)