RSM439H1: Private Equity and Entrepreneurial Finance


The primary objective of the course is to improve students’ ability to understand the concepts and institutions involved in private equity. The course will provide students with skill sets so they can analyze and understand private equity from multiple perspectives: the perspective of the individual/firm seeking and receiving private equity finance; the perspective of the private equity fund; and, the perspective of the limited partners that provide finance for private equity funds. Students will also learn how to build Leverage Buyout (LBO) models. Enrolment is restricted to 4th year Rotman Commerce students. Not eligible for CR/NCR option. Contact Rotman Commerce for details.


RSM410H1 (Special Topics in Management: Private Equity and Entrepreneurial Finance), offered in Winter 2015, Winter 2018, and Fall 2018

Distribution Requirements: 
Social Science
Breadth Requirements: 
Society and its Institutions (3)