STA220H1: The Practice of Statistics I


An introductory course in statistical concepts and methods, emphasizing exploratory data analysis for univariate and bivariate data, sampling and experimental designs, basic probability models, estimation and tests of hypothesis in one-sample and comparative two-sample studies. A statistical computing package is used but no prior computing experience is assumed. Note: STA220H1does not count as a distribution requirement course.


Grade 12 Mathematics and one University course in the physical, social, or life sciences


ECO220Y1/​ ECO227Y1/​ GGR270H1/​ PSY201H1/​ SOC300Y1/​ STA261H1/​ STA238H1/​ STA248H1/​ STA288H1/​ EEB225H1/​ STAB22H3/ STAB57H3/ STA215H5/ STA220H5/ ECO220Y5/ ECO227Y5/ STA258H5/ STA260H5

Breadth Requirements: 
The Physical and Mathematical Universes (5)