STA490Y1: Statistical Consultation, Communication, and Collaboration

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Through case studies and collaboration with researchers in other disciplines, students develop skills in the collaborative practice of Statistics. Focus is on pragmatic solutions to practical issues including study design, dealing with common complications in data analysis, and ethical practice, with particular emphasis on written communication.


STA303H1, STA304H1/​STA305H1, STA355H1 (An application is required to be considered for this course. Information about this special enrolment course as well as a link to the online application form is available on the Department of Statistical Sciences website. Priority will be given to students who complete the application during the priority enrolment period the summer before the course is offered and who are completing all requirements of the Specialist in Statistical Science: Methods and Practice or the Applied Statistics Specialist that academic year.)


one additional 400 level STA course

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The Physical and Mathematical Universes (5)