VIC183H1: Individuals and the Public Sphere: Shaping Memory


This course explores how public service and citizenship are developed. Topics may include the role of law and government, civil liberties, rights and responsibilities, and the role of protest. Emphasis on individuals and movements that have shaped modern memory. Not eligible for CR/NCR option.  In this course an additional fee of up to $50 may be charged for activities outside of the classroom (e.g., field trips). Such fees will be confirmed in the course syllabus.


Admission to Vic One


VIC181H1, VIC184H1, VIC185H1, and 1.0 FCE in any 100-level course in ECO, HIS or POL


Innis One, Munk One, New One, SMC One, Trinity One, UC One, Woodsworth One, 199 seminars, Vic One Hundred courses.

Distribution Requirements: 
Social Science
Breadth Requirements: 
Creative and Cultural Representations (1)