WGS482H1: Translating Sexuality: Queer Migration, Queer Diasporas

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This course examines how notions of sexuality travel as people move within and beyond national borders. It investigates how queer and trans migrants pursue different versions of belonging, solidarity, survival, and hope. Participants will study transnational archives (which may include popular culture, new media, film, literature, and performance) as they trace globalization's effects on racialized, queer, and trans communities. Major topics may include: queer of color critique; queer settler colonialism; transnational and global south sexualities; imperialism and militarism; neoliberalism and homonationalism; humanitarianism and sexual rights; queer and trans social movements; postcolonial intimacies.


WGS160Y1, one full course at the 300+ level in WGS, and one half course in WGS


WGS434H1 (Topics: Trans/national Sexuality), offered in Fall 2016 and Fall 2017

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Creative and Cultural Representations (1)