HMB496Y1: Research Project in Human Biology

An independent research project is supervised by a faculty member of the Faculty of Arts and Science or the Faculty of Medicine. Not eligible for CR/NCR option. Applications for this course are due to the Human Biology Program Office no later than 15 days prior to the first day of summer F-term.


9 FCE complete, a 300+ level laboratory course, HMB200H1/​ HMB201H1/​ HMB202H1/​ HMB203H1/​ HMB204H1, HMB265H1/​BIO260H1, BIO230H1, cGPA 3.0 or higher (if you are a 3rd year student)/ cGPA 2.5 or higher (if you are a , and permission of the Human Biology Program


Students are not permitted to do a HMB research project concurrently with another research project and students are allowed to do no more than 2.0 FCE from HMB-coded research project courses.

Recommended Preparation: 

0.5 FCE or more in any statistics course

Distribution Requirements: