Education and Society Minor (Arts Program) - ASMIN1029

Completion Requirements: 

The Vic-sponsored Education and Society Minor is open to all Arts and Science students. This program is for those who are interested in education, either as a skill that will prepare you for many occupations, or as a strong background for admission to a teacher education program, such as the Combined Degree Program with OISE (separate application required, see below) or another consecutive teacher education program.

Entry Requirement:

Interested students can apply every spring for September entry into the program.

This is a limited entry program. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the program.

Applicants MUST have completed the following in order to apply:

  • PSY100H1 with a minimum grade of 70
  • obtain a grade of 73 or greater in at least 3 FCE
  • Minimum of 4.0 Full Course Equivalents (FCE)

Program Requirements

(4.0 FCE including at least 1.0 FCE at 300+ level)

  1. PSY100H1
  2. All of: VIC260H1, VIC261H1, VIC262H1
  3. VIC360H1/​ VIC360Y1
  4. VIC355H1/​ VIC362H1
  5. One FCE from: VIC361Y0, VIC363H1, VIC368H1, VIC369H1, or a course related to Education and Society at the 300+ level selected from the offerings in Sociology, Anthropology or Geography (Arts).