German Studies Major (Arts Program) - ASMAJ1400

Enrolment Requirements: 

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

Completion Requirements: 

(7 full courses or their equivalent)

  1. GER100Y1, GER200Y1, GER300Y1, GER400H1
  2. GER150H1 (to be taken as early as possible), GER205H1 (should be taken together with GER200Y1, must be taken prior to completing GER300Y1), GER305H1
  3. At least 1.5 additional F.C.E. in GER courses on the 300-level
  4. At least 0.5 additional F.C.E. in GER courses on the 400-level (except GER401H1)
  5. No more than 1.5 F.C.E. courses taught in English
  6. Up to 1.0 F.C.E. in identified or preapproved cognate courses may count (i.e. courses offered by other departments containing a relevant Germanic component and a final paper on a Germanic topic); please inquire at the Department and get approved in advance.

Notes: (a) All majors should schedule an appointment with the Undergraduate Coordinator for personalized counselling as early in their studies as possible; (b) students with prior German knowledge are required to contact the department to take a placement test; self-placement is not allowed; (c) Completion of GER205H1 is a prerequisite for taking ANY 300-level literature courses taught in German; (d) completion of GER305H1 is a prerequisite for taking ANY 400-level literature courses taught in German; (e) 300-level courses may be replaced by 400-level courses (inquire in advance); (f) GER401H1 is not a program requirement, but recommended.