Islamic Studies Major (Arts Program) - ASMAJ1359

Completion Requirements: 

(6.5 full courses or their equivalent)

1. A full year (1.0 FCE) of introductory courses in the first or second year, to be selected from RLG100Y1/​ RLG280Y1 or RLG101H1F and RLG101H1S.
2. RLG200H1. RLG200H1 is a prerequisite for all 400-level courses and must be taken no later than the third year of study.
3. RLG204H1 or NMC283Y1. If taking RLG204H1 an additional RLG half-course is required
4. One half-course from RLG209H1/​ RLG211H1/​ RLG212H1/​ RLG213H1.
5. Any other 1.0 FCE from 200-level RLG courses.
6. Four half-courses from the following list (three coures must be at the 300+ level: HIS201H5 HIS300H15, HIS303H1, HIS304H1, HIS336H1, HIS386H1, HIS396H5, HIS397H5, HIS495H5, NMC103H1, NMC273Y1, NMC275H1, NMC283Y1, NMC285H1, NMC286H1, NMC348Y1, NMC355H1, NMC365H1, NMC374H1, NMC376H1, NMC381H1, NMC385H1, NMC387H1, NMC388H1, NMC389H1, NMC393H1, NMC394H1, NMC396Y1, NMC471, NMC475, NMC481H1, PHL336H, RLG250H1, RLG350H1, RLG351H1, RLG352H1, RLG355H1, RLG356H1, RLG456H1, RLG457H1, RLG458H1, RLG459H1, RLG461H1.
7. RLG404H1 or RLG405H1 or RLG406H1, a capstone, integrative course.