Italian Specialist (Arts Program) - ASSPE2524

Enrolment Requirements: 

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

Completion Requirements: 

(10 full courses or their equivalent, including at least one full course equivalent at the 400 level)

  1. The following language courses: ITA100Y1, ITA250Y1, ITA350Y1, ITA450H1
  2. One additional 200-series ITA full course equivalent
  3. Two full course equivalents at the 300+ level in literature, including 0.5 FCE in each of the THREE periods of Italian literature:

    Medieval / Renaissance: ITA300H1/​ ITA311H1/​ ITA312H1/​ ITA320H1/​ ITA321H1/​ ITA332H1/​ ITA370H1/​ ITA400H1/​ ITA420H1/​ ITA455H1

    Baroque / Enlightment: ITA301H1/​ ITA348H1/​ ITA390H1/​ ITA420H1/​ ITA455H1

    Modern / Contemporary: ITA301H1/​ ITA310H1/​ ITA330H1/​ ITA380H1/​ ITA381H1/​ ITA410H1/​ ITA421H1/​ ITA455H1

  4. One half course from the following: ITA360H1/​ ITA363H1/​ ITA364H1/​ ITA431H1/​ ITA432H1/​ ITA433H1
  5. One half course from the following: ITA311H1/​ ITA320H1/​ ITA321H1/​ ITA330H1/​ ITA332H1/​ ITA340H1/​ ITA341H1/​ ITA342H1/​ ITA345H1/​ ITA348H1/​ ITA370H1/​ ITA380H1/​ ITA400H1/​ ITA420H1/​ ITA441H1/​ ITA445H1
  6. Two additional full course equivalents at the 300+ level with at least one half course at the 400 level
  7. ITA495H1

NOTE: No more than TWO full courses or equivalent where the language of instruction is English may be counted towards the Specialist Program.