Joint Courses

These courses are sponsored by more than one department, college, or program office.

Course Program Area
ARH305H1: Archaeological Interpretation
ARH306Y1: Archaeological Field Methods
ARH309H1: Archaeology, Ethics, and the Public
ARH312Y1: Archaeological Laboratory
ARH360H1: Prehistory of the Near East (formerly ANT360Y1)
ARH361H1: Field Archaeology
ARH482H1: Special Topics in Archaeology
ARH494H1: Topics in Emerging Scholarship (Archaeology)
ARH495H1: Archaeology Research Practicum
CAS201H1: Asian Sites, Global Questions, Part 1
CAS202H1: Asian Sites, Global Questions, Part 2
CAS310H1: Comparative Colonialisms in Asia
CAS320H1: Comparative Modernities in Asia
CAS350H1: Asian Youth Cultures
CAS360H1: Asian Genders
CAS370H1: Asian Cities
CAS390H1: Special Topics
CAS393H1: Independent Research
CAS393Y1: Independent Research
CAS400H1: Interdisciplinary Research in Methods in Contemporary Asian Studies
CAS414H1: Public Culture and Media in Asia
CAS420H1: Asia and the New Global Economy (formerly JPA420H1)
CAS430H1: Nationalism and Revolution in Asia
CAS450H1: Asian Pathways Research Practice
CAS498H1: Independent Research
CAS498Y1: Independent Research
CJH332H1: Neurobiology of the Synapse (Formerly CSB332H1)
EHJ352H1: Evolution of the Human Genome
ENV233H1: Earth System Chemistry
ENV234H1: Environmental Biology: Structure and Function of Ecosystems (formerly ENV234Y1)
ENV234H1: Environmental Biology: Structure and Function of Ecosystems (formerly ENV234Y1)
ENV334H1: Environmental Biology: Applied Ecology
ENV432H1: Urban Ecology
GGR433H1: Built Environment and Health
GGR434H1: Building Community Resilience
HAJ453H1: AIDS: A Global Perspective
HMB325H1: Statistics Applied to Human Biology
HMB342H1: Epidemiology of Health & Disease
HMB436H1: Medical and Veterinary Mycology
IVP210H1: Holography for 3D Visualization
IVP210H1: Holography for 3D Visualization
JAH391H1: Topics in Anthropology and History
JAH391Y0: Topics in Anthropology and History
JAL328H1: Writing Systems
JAL353H1: Conversational Structures
JAL355H1: Language and Gender
JAL401H1: Field Linguistics
JEG100H1: Introduction to Physical Geography and Earth Science
JEH455H1: Current Issues in Environment and Health
JEI206H1: Writing English Essays
JFG470H1: Forest Management
JFG475H1: Forest Fire Management Systems
JFL477H1: Issues in French and Linguistics I: Neurolinguistics
JFL478H1: Issues in French and Linguistics II
JFV323H1: Semiotics and Literature I
JGA305H1: Environmental and Archaeological Geophysics
JGE321H1: Multicultural Perspectives on Environmental Management
JGE331H1: Resource and Environmental Theory (formerly GGR331H1)
JGI216H1: Globalization and Urban Change
JGI346H1: The Urban Planning Process
JGI454H1: The Role of the Planner: Making a Difference
JHA384H1: Japan in the World, mid-16th to mid-20th century
JHA394H1: The Asia Pacific War
JHE353H1: History of Evolutionary Biology
JHE355H1: History and Philosophy of Evolutionary Biology
JHN323H1: Indigeneity in the Caribbean
JHP304Y1: Ukraine: Politics, Economy and Society
JHP451Y1: The People from Nowhere
JHP454Y1: Twentieth Century Ukraine
JLP315H1: Language Acquisition
JLP374H1: Psychology of Language
JLP471H1: Advanced Psycholinguistics
JNH350H1: AIDS : Challenges and Successes (formerly NEW350H1)
JNS450H1: Sexuality & Disability
JPA331Y1: Issues in Contemporary Chinese Politics
JPE395H1: Physics of the Earth
JPE493H1: Seismology
JPH311H1: History of Physics
JPR364Y1: Religion and Politics (formerly POL364H/Y1)
JPR374H1: Religion and Power in the Postcolony
JPR419H1: Secularism and Religion (formerly RLG419H1)
JPR458H1: Postsecular Political Thought: Religion, Radicalism and the Limits of Liberalism
JPS315H1: Sexual Diversity Politics
JQR360H1: The Canadian Census: Populations, Migrations and Demographics
JQR360H1: The Canadian Census: Populations, Migrations and Demographics
JRA401H1: Topics in Comparative Politics V
JRA401Y1: Topics in Comparative Politics V
JRA402H1: Topics in Comparative Politics VI
JRA437H1: Government, Law and Politics in Russia (formerly POL 437H1)
JSH300H1: Literature and History in Russia
JSU237H1: Introduction to HIV/AIDS: Health, Sexuality and Gender (formerly UNI237H1)
JSU325H1: Queerly Canadian (formerly UNI325H1)
JUG320H1: The Canadian Wilderness
JUG325H1: Landscapes of Violence in Canada
JUM202H1: Mathematics as an Interdisciplinary Pursuit
JUM203H1: Mathematics as a Recreation
JUM205H1: Mathematical Personalities
MIJ485H1: Vaccines and Immunity
PHS100H1: Global Health Grand Opps
PHS300H1: HIV Prevention Research
PSY407H1: Special Topics in Psychology
STA365H1: Applied Bayesian Statistics
STA465H1: Theory and Methods for Complex Spatial Data