Joint Courses

These courses are sponsored by more than one department, college, or program office.

For Course Code and Title
Course Program Area
ACT199H1: Decipher Financial Puzzles in the Media and Pop Culture
ANT193H1: Making, Using, and Interpreting Stone Tools
ANT194H1: Tragically Unhip: Great Thinkers of the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries
ANT195H1: Speculative Fiction and Social Reality
ANT196H1: Observing Everyday Life
ANT197H1: Representations of Intellectuals
ANT198H1: Nature: A Cultural Introduction
ANT199H1: Living on the Water in Toronto
ARH305H1: Archaeological Interpretation
ARH306Y1: Archaeological Field Methods
ARH309H1: Archaeology, Ethics, and the Public
ARH312Y1: Archaeological Laboratory
ARH360H1: Prehistory of the Near East (formerly ANT360Y1)
ARH361H1: Field Archaeology
ARH482H1: Special Topics in Archaeology
ARH494H1: Topics in Emerging Scholarship (Archaeology)
ARH495H1: Archaeology Research Practicum
AST198H1: Great Astronomical Issues
AST199H1: Astronomy at the Frontier
BIO120H1: Adaptation and Biodiversity
BIO130H1: Molecular and Cell Biology
BIO220H1: From Genomes to Ecosystems in a Changing World
BIO230H1: From Genes to Organisms
BIO251H1: Form, Function and Development in Plants
BIO255H1: From Genes to Organisms with Advanced Laboratory
BIO260H1: Concepts in Genetics
BIO270H1: Animal Physiology I
BIO271H1: Animal Physiology II
CAS200H1: Introduction to Contemporary Asian Studies
CAS201H1: Global Asian Studies: Insights and Concepts
CAS202H1: Global Asian Studies: Sites and Practices
CAS310H1: Comparative Colonialisms in Asia
CAS320H1: Comparative Modernities in Asia
CAS350H1: Asian Youth Cultures
CAS360H1: Asian Genders
CAS370H1: Asian Cities
CAS390H1: Special Topics
CAS393H1: Independent Research
CAS393Y1: Independent Research
CAS400H1: Interdisciplinary Research in Methods in Contemporary Asian Studies
CAS414H1: Public Culture and Media in Asia
CAS420H1: Asia and the New Global Economy
CAS430H1: Nationalism and Revolution in Asia
CAS450H1: Asian Pathways Research Practice
CAS498H1: Independent Research
CAS498Y1: Independent Research
CDN197H1: Inventing Canada
CDN198H1: Canada, Colonialism and Settler Relations
CDN199H1: Canada- Hong Kong Migration
CHM194H1: Science and Human Values
CHM195H1: Innovative Teaching Methods in Chemistry
CHM196H1: The Quantum World and Its Classical Limit
CHM197H1: Environmental Chemistry in a Sustainable World
CHM198H1: Biosensor Technology and Applications for the Non-Scientist
CHM199H1: The Context of Chemistry: Origins, Concepts, Tools, and Challenges
CIN196H1: Story Worlds and the Cinema
CIN197H1: School Daze
CJH332H1: Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology of the Synapse
CLA195H1: Socrates and his Legacy
CLA196H1: Homer's Odyssey down through Time
CLA197H1: Death and Immortality in Ancient Thought
CLA198H1: Julius Caesar
CLA199H1: Monsters
CSB196H1: Genes, Genomes and Us
CSB197H1: Human Viruses
CSB198H1: Cell and Molecular Biology in the News
CSB199H1: Biotechnology and Society
CSC196H1: Great Ideas in Computing
CSC197H1: What, Who, How: Privacy in the Age of Big Data Collection
CSC198H1: Computing for Science
CSC199H1: Intelligence, Artificial and Human
DTS199H1: The Bible and Migration
EAS194H1: East Asia through Music
EAS195H1: Shan Shui Landscape: A Cultural Historical Study
EAS196H1: Consumption, Taste and Culture in East Asia
EAS197H1: Media Worlds and East Asia
EAS198H1: Martial Arts in East Asian Narratives
EAS199H1: Thinking through Art in Chinese Culture
ECO196H1: An Economist's Guide to the Galaxy
ECO197H1: Seminar on Classical Economic Thought
ECO198H1: Seminar on Modern Economic Thought
ECO199H1: Economics and Sustainable, Green Development
EEB197H1: Biodiversity and the City
EEB198H1: Genes and Behaviour
EEB199H1: Humans, Evolution and Ecology
EHJ352H1: Evolution of the Human Genome
ENG196H1: Time Travel and Narrative
ENG197H1: Representing Disability
ENG198H1: Monster Encounters: Monsters and the Monstrous in Literature
ENG199H1: "Tell It Slant": Mental Illness and Literature
ENV198H1: Idleness and the Environment: What Does Sustainable Work Mean?
ENV199H1: Debating & Understanding Current Environmental Issues
ENV234H1: Environmental Biology: Structure and Function of Ecosystems
ENV334H1: Environmental Biology: Applied Ecology
ENV432H1: Urban Ecology
ESS196H1: Life and Death in the Solar System
ESS197H1: Earth and Life through Time
ESS198H1: Resources and Sustainability
ESS199H1: Earth, Portrait of a Planet
FAH194H1: Public Art: Local and Global
FAH195H1: On Foot: From Pilgrimage to the Mobile City
FAH196H1: Marco Polo's World
FAH197H1: Classical Art from Greek Gods to Roman Gladiators
FAH198H1: Shocking Artists, Shocking Art
FAH199H1: Curiosity: Art and Science
FCS194H1: Urban Youth Languages of the World
FCS196H1: Exploring Linguistic Variation in Spoken French
FCS197H1: Pleasure, Pain and Nostalgia in Belle Époque
FCS198H1: Dreaming of Future Worlds: The Making of Modernity in 19th-Century France
FCS199H1: Marketing in the French Speaking World
GER194H1: The Age of Reason and the New World (E)
GER195H1: Cities, Real and Imagined (E)
GER196H1: "Es war einmal auf Deutsch" - Learning German with Fairy Tales
GER197H1: Automaton, Puppet, Thing in German Literature (E)
GER198H1: Technology and the Human in German Literature and Thought (E)
GER199H1: The Pleasure of Reading: Reading as Self-Emancipation in the German Literary Tradition (E)
GER260Y1: Elementary Yiddish
GER360H1: Intermediate Yiddish
GER361H1: Yiddish Literature in Translation (E)
GER367H1: Topics in Yiddish or German Jewish Literature and Culture
GER460H1: Advanced Yiddish
GER463Y1: Yiddish Language for German Speakers
GGR196H1: Tracking Insect Life: The Political Ecology of “Bugs”
GGR197H1: Nature, Conservation and Justice
GGR198H1: Political Spaces
GGR199H1: Race, Conflict, and the Urban Landscape
GGR433H1: Built Environment and Health
GGR434H1: Building Community Resilience
HAJ453H1: AIDS: A Global Perspective
HIS192H1: A History of Queer Asia
HIS194H1: Power, Resistance, and the Graphic Novel
HIS195H1: Drunk History
HIS196H1: Religion and Violence
HIS197H1: Microhistory, Global History, and Historical Narrative
HIS198H1: Decolonizing Women's History
HIS199H1: Soccer: The History of the World’s Game
HMB342H1: Epidemiology of Health & Disease
HMB436H1: Medical and Veterinary Mycology
IMM199H1: Immunology in the News Today
INI100H1: The City Where Movies Are Made
INI101H1: Blogging the Just City
INI102H1: Telling the Stories of the City: Writing Creative Non-Fiction
INI106H1: Writing Literary Journalism: Telling the Stories of the City
INI196H1: Hoboes, Geniuses and Immigrants: Otherness in Contemporary Culture
IRE199H1: Why We Work: Understanding Work Through the Prism of Art & Culture
ITA196H1: Image and Text in Medieval and Renaissance Italian Culture
ITA197H1: The Fine Art of Murder: Reading Detective Fiction
ITA198H1: Machiavelli and Machiavellianism
ITA199H1: Italian Fascism and Global Responses: The Dark Side of Italianità
IVP210H1: Holography for 3D Visualization
IVP210H1: Holography for 3D Visualization
JAH391H1: Topics in Anthropology and History
JAH391Y0: Topics in Anthropology and History
JAL328H1: Writing Systems
JAL353H1: Conversational Structures
JAL355H1: Language and Gender
JAL401H1: Field Linguistics
JAR301H1: Plagues and Peoples: From Divine Intervention to Public Health
JCC250H1: Computing for Science
JCI250H1: Italian Canadian Communities
JCI350H1: Italian Canadian Culture and Identity
JEG100H1: Introduction to Physical Geography and Earth Science
JEH455H1: Current Issues in Environment and Health
JEI206H1: Writing English Essays
JGA305H1: Environmental and Archaeological Geophysics
JGE321H1: Multicultural Perspectives on Environmental Management
JGE331H1: Resource and Environmental Theory
JGI216H1: Globalization and Urban Change
JGI346H1: The Urban Planning Process
JGI454H1: The Role of the Planner: Making a Difference
JHA384H1: Japan in the World, Mid-16th to Mid-20th century
JHA394H1: The Asia Pacific War
JHE353H1: History of Evolutionary Biology
JHE355H1: History and Philosophy of Evolutionary Biology
JHN323H1: Indigeneity in the Caribbean
JHP304Y1: Ukraine: Politics, Economy and Society
JHP451Y1: The People from Nowhere
JHP454Y1: Twentieth Century Ukraine
JIG322H1: Indigenous Worlds, Worldviews and the Environment
JIG440H1: Indigenous Geographies
JLP315H1: Language Acquisition
JLP374H1: Psychology of Language
JLP471H1: Advanced Psycholinguistics
JNH350H1: AIDS : Challenges and Successes
JNR301H1: The History of Buddhist Meditation
JNS450H1: Sexuality & Disability
JPA331Y1: Issues in Contemporary Chinese Politics
JPE395H1: Physics of the Earth
JPE493H1: Seismology
JPH311H1: From Universal Gravity to Quantum Information: The Making of Modern Physics
JPI201H1: Indigenous Politics in Canada
JPM300H1: Research Readiness and Advancing Biomedical Discoveries
JPM300H1: Research Readiness and Advancing Biomedical Discoveries
JPM400Y1: Biomedical Incubator Capstone Project
JPM400Y1: Biomedical Incubator Capstone Project
JPR364Y1: Religion and Politics
JPR374H1: Religion and Power in the Postcolony
JPR419H1: Secularism and Religion
JPR458H1: Postsecular Political Thought: Religion, Radicalism and the Limits of Liberalism
JPR459H1: Fanaticism: A Political History
JPS315H1: Sexual Diversity Politics
JPS378H1: Sex and the State
JQR360H1: The Canadian Census: Populations, Migrations and Demographics
JQR360H1: The Canadian Census: Populations, Migrations and Demographics
JRA401H1: Topics in Comparative Politics V
JRA401Y1: Topics in Comparative Politics V
JRA402H1: Topics in Comparative Politics VI
JRA437H1: Government, Law and Politics in Russia
JSC270H1: Data Science I
JSC370H1: Data Science II
JSC470H1: Data Science III
JSH300H1: Literature and History in Russia
JSU237H1: Introduction to HIV/AIDS: Health, Sexuality and Gender (formerly UNI237H1)
JSU325H1: Queerly Canadian
JUG320H1: The Canadian Wilderness
JUG325H1: Landscapes of Violence in Canada
JUM202H1: Mathematics as an Interdisciplinary Pursuit
JUM203H1: Mathematics as a Recreation
JUM205H1: Mathematical Personalities
LIN194H1: The Science Behind Our Accents
LIN195H1: Babel: Language in the Mind of Speakers
LIN196H1: Language and Communication
LIN197H1: Language and Social Justice
LIN198H1: Language Diversity
LIN199H1: Exploring Heritage Languages
MAT193H1: Mathematics through Literature & Poetry
MAT198H1: Cryptology: The Mathematics of Secrecy and Security
MAT199H1: Women's Mathematics
MIJ485H1: Vaccines and Immunity
MUN101H1: Global Innovation I: Issues and Perspectives
MUN102H1: Global Innovation II: Challenges and Solutions
MUN105Y1: Global Problem-Solving: Laboratory Opportunities
NEW101H1: The Everyday Politics of Food
NEW102H1: Exploring Multilingual Toronto
NEW103H1: Digital Technology and Society
NEW104H1: Creating Community: Art, Identity and Belonging
NEW105H1: Current Issues Without Borders I
NEW106H1: Science, Health and Social Justice
NEW111H1: Food, Ethics and Sustainability
NEW112H1: Language Freedom and Power
NEW113H1: Unpacking Digital Technology
NEW114H1: Art for Social Change
NEW115H1: Current Issues Without Borders II
NEW116H1: Science and Global Threats
NEW198H1: Myths of French Sensuality
NEW199H1: We Are What We Eat: The Example of French Cuisine
NMC195H1: Rebels, Misfits, and Outcasts in Modern Arabic Literature
NMC196H1: Law and Order in the Ancient Near East
NMC197H1: Myth and History in the Bible
NMC198H1: Iranian Women Reveal their Lives: the First Generation
NMC199H1: Babylon: Fact vs. Fiction
PHL196H1: Multiculturalism, Philosophy and Film
PHL197H1: Introduction to Philosophical Anthropology
PHL198H1: Philosophy of Time
PHL199H1: Ethics and Fiction
PHS100H1: Global Health Grand Opps
PHS300H1: HIV Prevention Research
PHY196H1: Emergence in Nature
PHY197H1: Modern Physics for the Curious
PHY198H1: Physics at the Cutting Edge
PHY199H1: Dark Matter and Dark Energy are the New Black
POL193H1: The Politics of Representation
POL194H1: Race
POL195H1: Settler Colonialism and Enduring Indigeneity
POL196H1: The China Challenge
POL197H1: Solidarity in Diverse Societies
POL198Y1: Social Justice and the City
POL199H1: Utopias and Dystopias
PSL190H1: Biomedical Research at the Cutting Edge
PSY195H1: The Science of Babies
PSY196H1: Critical Periods, Brain Plasticity and Development
PSY197H1: The Individual and Society
PSY198H1: The Psychology of Magic
PSY199H1: Psychology and History of Drug Use
PSY407H1: Special Topics in Psychology
RLG196H1: Innocence and Ecstasy
RLG197H1: Enchantment, Disenchantment, Re-Enchantment
RLG198H1: Dystopia: Religion & Gender in Science Fiction
RLG199H1: Religion for Grown-Ups?
SDS199H1: Sexuality at the Intersections
SLA193H1: Objects of War
SLA194H1: Utopia Interrupted: Late and Post-Soviet Russian Literature
SLA195H1: Literature and Painting in Russia and the West
SLA196H1: Russia at War
SLA197H1: The Imaginary Jew
SLA198H1: The Slavic Grecian Formula: From Ancient Rhapsode to Modern Slav Song
SLA199H1: Invisible Kingdom, Imaginary Space
SMC155H1: SMC One: The McLuhan Seminar in Creativity and Technology
SMC165H1: SMC One: The Boyle Seminar in Scripts and Stories
SMC185H1: SMC One: Seminar in Christianity, Truth and Reconciliation
SMC188H1: SMC One: The Gilson Seminar in Faith and Ideas
SMC189H1: SMC One: The Gilson Seminar in Faith and Rome
SMC195H1: God and Money in the Middle Ages
SMC196H1: Beauty, Human and Divine
SMC197H1: The Sistine Chapel: History, Imagery, Usage
SMC198H1: How to Study Video Games
SMC199H1: Intelligence, Artificial and Human
SOC196H1: Global Cities and Urban Refugees: Connecting South and North
SOC197H1: Future “Agents” & Social Relations: Considering Sociology in a World of Robots, Cyborgs, Bioengineered Agents & Tools
SOC198H1: The Social Networks of Students
SOC199Y1: How We Use Time in Everyday Life
SPA195H1: Barcelona
SPA196H1: Class and Work in the Americas
SPA197H1: Cervantes and Imperial Spain
SPA198H1: A Brief History of Love in the Western World
SPA199H1: More than Nachos and Tequila: Mexican History and Culture
STA197H1: Thinking Better with Statistics
STA198H1: Probabilities Everywhere
STA199H1: Statistical Evidence: Truth or Myth?
STA365H1: Applied Bayesian Statistics
STA465H1: Theory and Methods for Complex Spatial Data
TRN125Y1: Contemporary Issues in Health Science
TRN135Y1: Science and Social Choice
TRN136Y1: Canadian Health Policy in the Global Context
TRN140Y1: Ethics, Humans, and Nature
TRN141Y1: Environmental Science and Pathways to Sustainability
TRN150Y1: National versus International
TRN151Y1: Global Governance
TRN152Y1: Justice & Global Conflict
TRN160Y1: Public Policy and the Public Good
TRN161Y1: Making Public Policy Work
TRN162Y1: Political Economy and Social Inequality
TRN170Y1: Ethics and the Creative Imagination
TRN171Y1: Ethics and the Public Sphere
TRN172Y1: Ethics and the Law
TRN191H1: Disaster and Terrorism: Religion and Ethics at Ground Zero
TRN192H1: Public Health in Canada: Health for the 21st Century
TRN193H1: Canadian Health Policy: Past, Present and Future
TRN194H1: Literature and Wicked Problems
TRN195H1: The Literature of Heroes and Horrors
TRN196H1: The Last Roman: Boethius, his Consolation of Philosophy, and the Legacy of the Ancient World
TRN197H1: In the Shadow of the Vikings: Depictions of the Early Norse in Medieval, Modern, and Post-Modern Culture
TRN198H1: The Viking Phenomenon: Commerce, Conflict, and Communication along Europe’s Frontiers, 7th – 15th Century
TRN199H1: Classical Social and Political Thought from the 18th Century Enlightenment to the 20th Century
TRN225Y1: The Art of Health Science Discovery
TRN235H1: Health Policy in Canada: Past, Present and Future
TRN236H1: The Politics of Global Health
UNI101H1: Citizenship in the Canadian City
UNI102H1: Performing the City I
UNI103H1: Gradients of Health in an Urban Mosaic
UNI104H1: Sex in the City
UNI106H1: Performing the City II
UNI197H1: Hamilton: Musical and History
UNI198H1: Why Go to University? The Changing Role and Purpose of Higher Education
UNI199H1: The Construction of Race in America: A History
VIC101H1: Conflict Theory and Practice
VIC102H1: Ethics and Choices in Times of Crisis
VIC105H1: Odysseys: The Search for Meaning
VIC106H1: Psychology and Society
VIC107H1: Evolution, Genetics, and Behaviour
VIC108H1: Belonging, Imagination and National Identity
VIC109H1: Innovators and Their Ideas
VIC110H1: Critical Perspectives on Society
VIC112H1: Puzzles, Discovery and the Human Imagination
VIC113H1: Encountering Distant Climes: The Literature of Travel and Exploration
VIC114H1: Renaissance in Popular Culture
VIC115H1: Imagined Power: Literature and Film
VIC116H1: Politics of the Pen
VIC117H1: Understanding the Performing Arts: Interpretation and Expression
VIC119H1: Myths and Legends in Modern Contexts
VIC121H1: Evaluating Healthcare: Problems and Solutions
VIC122H1: Scientific Evidence in Public Policy
VIC134H1: Globalization
VIC135H1: The Death of Meaning
VIC136H1: How to Study Everyday Life
VIC137H1: Science and Science Fiction
VIC141H1: Discovery and Revolution
VIC142H1: Machiavelli: The Politics of Power
VIC150Y1: School and Society
VIC151Y1: Theories and Practices of Teaching
VIC159H1: Vic One Hundred Special Topics Seminar
VIC159Y1: Vic One Hundred Special Topics Seminar
VIC162H1: Cultural Forms and Their Meanings
VIC163H1: Cultural Forms and Their Meanings: People and Ideas
VIC164H1: Ideas and Their Consequences: Literary and Artistic Realms of the Imagination
VIC165H1: Ideas and Their Consequences: Isolation and Communion in Modern Culture
VIC166H1: Common Vices and Neglected Virtues: Intro to Ethics of Character
VIC167H1: Ideas and Fine Thoughts
VIC168H1: Identity and Equality in the Public Sphere
VIC169H1: Ethical Living in a Pluralistic World
VIC170Y1: The Impact of Science on Our Society
VIC171Y1: Methodology, Theory and Practice in the Natural Sciences
VIC172Y1: Physical Sciences Today
VIC173Y1: Philosophy of Science for Physical Scientists
VIC181H1: Events in the Public Sphere: World Affairs
VIC183H1: Individuals and the Public Sphere: Shaping Memory
VIC184H1: Individuals and the Public Sphere: History, Historiography and Making Cultural Memory
VIC185H1: Events in the Public Sphere: Social Justice
VIC186Y1: The Art and Literature of Leadership
VIC187H1: Prosperity, Justice, and Sustainability: Introduction to Public Policy
VIC188H1: Corporate Citizenship, Sustainability, and Ethics
VIC190Y1: The Arts and Society
VIC191Y1: Artistic Creation and Public Issues
VIC198H1: Posters and Propaganda
VIC199H1: Thinking with Things
WDW151H1: Order and Disorder I: Issues and Perspectives
WDW152H1: Order and Disorder II: Problems and Solutions
WDW153H1: Popular Culture Today I: Issues and Perspectives
WDW154H1: Popular Culture Today II: Special Topics
WDW196H1: From Rayguns to Light Sabers: Science Fiction in Contemporary Culture
WDW197H1: Jane Austen on Film
WDW198H1: There and Back Again: Exploring Tolkien
WDW199H1: Indigenous Knowledge and Storytelling in Toronto