Message from the Dean

Welcome to the 2018-2019 academic year.

The Faculty of Arts & Science Calendar is your guide to the wide range of academic choices available to you. With over 300 undergraduate programs and 4,000 courses to choose from, you have a chance to pursue what you’ve always wanted to study as well as discover new interests. As a student in Arts & Science, you have the flexibility to assemble your degree the way you want – combine different subjects by doing majors and minors, or focus on a specific area by completing a specialist program. In addition, the Faculty’s Foundational Year, Research Opportunities and Summer Abroad Programs provide our students unique learning experiences at different stages of their degree. While such choice is exciting, it can also be somewhat overwhelming! Please remember that there are many people who work in Arts & Science whose job it is to help you select your courses and programs based on your interests and goals. Your first stop for such advice is always your college registrar’s office and I encourage you to take advantage of their expertise.

Besides the supports and services available at your College, the Faculty and the University at large, you have access to a number of online tools to help you succeed. Use Degree Explorer ( to check your academic progress and plan your future course choices. Access past sessions’ course evaluation results on BlackBoard ( and find out what other students had to say about these courses. Of course, whether you are in first or fourth year, there’s more to life as a student than your courses. You can explore the variety of ways to get involved outside the classroom on the Co-Curricular Record database ( We wish you all the best for the year and as always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions about what we can do to improve your experience as a student in Arts & Science. Just email us at



David Cameron, FRSC

Dean & Professor of Political Science