Policy and Other Changes

Extra Courses

Extra courses appear on a student's academic record with a final course mark and are noted as "EXT". Extra courses do not count for degree credit and are not included in calculating a student's Grade Point Average. However, Extra courses may count in other respects, such as to satisfy program requirements or Breadth Requirements.

Effective September 2020 onward, 100-level courses will no longer be marked Extra for reasons of enforcing a maximum of 6.0 credits at the 100-level. Refer to the Degree Requirements section for more information.

Undergraduate Leave of Absence Policy for International Students

Effective beginning the Fall/Winter 2019-2020 session, an approved leave of absence will be permitted for international undergraduate Faculty of Arts & Science students who have completed at least one academic term (e.g. Fall 2019 or Winter 2020) and whose current academic standing is in good standing or on academic probation. Students may request a leave for the Fall term, the Winter term, or the complete Fall/Winter session, for up to a maximum of two consecutive Fall/Winter sessions.  Refer to the Withdrawal and Leave of Absence section for more information.