Religion: Christian Origins Specialist (Arts Program) - ASSPE1520

Enrolment Requirements: 

Enrolment in the Christian Origins Specialist has been administratively suspended as of 28 February 2020 and is no longer admitting students. Students presently enrolled in the Specialist will be able to complete the program requirements as described below.

Completion Requirements: 

(10 full courses or their equivalent)

1. One RLG FCE at the 100-level.
2. RLG241H1.
3. RLG203H1.
4. No later than the third year of study: RLG200H1. RLG200H1 is a prerequisite for all 400-level courses.
5. Four half-courses in Greek, normally fulfilled by GRK101H1, GRK102H1 + GRK200H1, and GRK201H1 and GRK202H1. (Note: Upon approval of the program coordinator, students may be permitted to substitute for these courses two full courses in another ancient language, e.g., Syriac, Aramaic.)
6. Four 300+ half-courses chosen from RLG319H1, RLG320H1, RLG321H1, RLG322H1, RLG323H1, RLG324H1, RLG326H1, RLG327H1, RLG328H1.
7. One half-course from RLG448H1, RLG449H1, RLG451H1, RLG452H1, RLG453H1, RLG454H1, RLG455H1, RLG458H1.
8. Three half-courses or the equivalent chosen from CLA204H1, CLA230H1, CLA231H1, CLA232H1, CLA233H1, CLA305H1, CLA308H1, CLA310H1, CLA364H1, CLA368H1, CLA369H1, CLA371H, CLA378H1, NMC351H1 NMC252H1, NMC270H1, NMC351H1, NMC360H1, NMC361H1, NML352H1, NML353H1, NML356Y1, NML357H1, NML358H1, NML359H1, NML451H1, NML452H1, FAH309H1, FAH313H1, FAH318H1, FAH319H1, FAH424H1.
9. Two half-courses in another religious tradition, preferably an Asian tradition such as Hinduism,Sikhism or Buddhism.
10. RLG404H1 or RLG405H1, or RLG407H1, a capstone integrative course. (Note: this does not fulfil the requirement of the 400-level FCE in #7 above.)