Religion Major (Arts Program) - ASMAJ0151

Completion Requirements: 

(6.5 full courses or their equivalent)

1. A full year of introductory courses in the first or second year, to be selected from RLG100Y1/​ RLG280Y1 or RLG101H1F and RLG101H1S.
2. No later than the third year of study: RLG200H1. RLG200H1 is a prerequisite for all 400-level courses.
3. One course from RLG202H1/​203H1/204H1/205H1/206H1/ RLG208H1/​ RLG241H1.
4. Four RLG half-courses at the 300+ level, one of which must be in the same tradition as was chosen from #3 above.
5. Four half-courses chosen from other RLG courses.
6. RLG404H1 or RLG405H1 or RLG406H1, a capstone, integrative course.

Two half-course cross-listed courses may be counted towards the fulfillment of the degree (consult the Religion website for a list of eligible courses).