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GER321H1 19th Century German Literature

This course focuses on German authors of the nineteenth century. Literary, political and philosophical texts are analyzed as a discussion of political uprisings, the industrial revolution and the emergence of German nationalism.


FAH352H1 19th Century Photography

An introduction to the major artists, movements, and debates in photography in Europe and North America, from its prehistory to the turn of the century.  Issues considered include the relationship of social class to aesthetics, the role of illusion, the rise of mass reproduction.

FAH447H1 19th-Century Landscape Painting

Investigation of English, French, German and Swiss landscape painting from the birth of the Romantic movement to Post-Impressionism.


HIS394H1 20th and 21st Century African Icons: Media and Biography

Superseding 19th century European missionary and explorers' accounts of Africa; media in the 20th and 21st centuries have unequivocally played a key role in shaping the globe's views of Africa and Africans. In 2005, BBC Focus on Africa put out an impressive list of more than 100 "African Icons". Since then, a number of websites have come up with various lists of African icons. Who are the...

HIS295Y1/​ HIS297Y1/​ HIS383H1/​ HIS383Y1/​ HIS386H1/​ HIS481H1/​ NEW160Y1/​ NEW261Y1/​ NEW351Y1/​ POL301Y1/​ POL361H1 or by permission from the Instructor.


HIS317H1 20th Century Germany

A survey of modern German history in the twentieth century. Topics include World War I and the postwar settlement, the Weimar Republic, the National Socialist dictatorship, the Holocaust, the division of Germany, the Cold War, German reunification, Germany and the European Union, nationalism, political culture, war and revolution, religious and ethnic minorities and questions of history and...

HIS103Y1/​HIS109Y1/​(HIS241H1, HIS242H1)/EUR200Y1

EAS271H1 20th Century Korean History

A survey of the history of Korea from the Tonghak uprising and Sino-Japanese war of 1894-1895, through the colonial period, division, and to the civil war.


MUS340H1 20th Century Music for Theatre

An examination of the role that music has played in modern Western theatre, with specific case studies drawn from one or more of the following genres: ballet, modern dance, musical theatre, opera, spoken theatre.

SLA228H1 20th Century Ukrainian Fiction in Translation

A selection of twentieth century Ukrainian novels and short prose in English translation. From the avant-garde intellectual novel of the 1920s, through socialist realism, to the post-modernist prose of the 1990s. Authors include Pidmohylny, Antonenko-Davydovych, Honchar, Shevchuk, Andrukhovych and Zabuzhko. 

HIS377H1 20th-Century American Foreign Relations

A survey of the history of American foreign relations from 1898 to the present. Themes include imperial expansion and the uses of power; the relationship of business and government in U.S. foreign policy; and the role of culture and ideas in Americas relations with the world.


POL446H1 20th-Century Political Thought

The goal of this course is to introduce students to some of the themes and approaches of critical theory (power, subjectivity, ideology, and hegemony).

POL200Y1/​POL200Y5/(POLC70H3, POLC71H3)