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JAL328H1 Writing Systems

Introduction to writing systems; their historical development, their relationship to language, and their role in culture and society. (Given by the Departments of Anthropology and Linguistics) (Not offered every year)


INI104H1 Writing Reports

Introduces the fundamentals of report writing within an interdisciplinary context. This writing intensive course focuses on improving writing skills appropriate to report writing genres. Informal, formal, research, and professional workplace reports are examined in terms of purpose, audience, structure, style, persuasive strategies, and use of visual rhetoric (tables, charts, graphs). This...

GER326H1 Writing Memory: Post 1945

An examination of post-World War II German literature and culture from Zero Hour through to present-day debates about the Holocaust and its memorialization within a German context.


INI106H1 Writing Literary Journalism: Telling the Stories of the City

An introduction to literary journalism, in which students study the craft of storytelling along with interviewing, reporting, and the journalist’s ethical stance. Guest speakers, field trips, writing activities and course readings will help students engage deeply with their environment and develop the skills and sensitivity required for literary reporting. Restricted to first-year students....

Munk One, New One, St. Mike's One, Trinity One, Vic One, UC One, Woodsworth One

SMC345H1 Writing Ireland

This course looks at some of the major literary figures of Ireland in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, writing in both Irish and English. Authors examined may include W. B. Yeats, Patrick Pearse, Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill, Seán Ó Riordáin, Seamus Heaney and Claire Keegan. Through a close reading of poetry, prose and critical texts, students will examine how Ireland's past, present and...

8 FCE or permission of the instructor.

INI302H1 Writing in Business and the Professions for Rotman Commerce students

Designed for and restricted to undergraduates in Rotman Commerce. Assignments and course aims reflect the learning goals of the Rotman Commerce program. This course focuses on critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and the rhetoric of the world of business. The theory and practice of written and oral communication are also central. Case study analysis using ethical reasoning models is a central...

Completion of 4.0 full-course equivalents.


FSL312H1 Writing French: the Language of the Media

Using current online French media, broaden your understanding of the French language; deepen your grammatical knowledge; expand your vocabulary (including idioms); review key aspects of French syntax; and fine-tune your reading skills in French. Weekly reading and writing workshops are an integral part of this course.

FSL221Y1 (63%) or, upon first FRE/FSL enrolment equivalent as determined by the French Placement Test.

FSL321Y1 and higher

VIC276H1 Writing for the Stage and Screen

A creative writing course for students interested in an introduction to writing for theatre and film. Seminars will focus on technical issues including plot, characterization, dramatic structure, dialogue, image-based storytelling, and aspects of dramaturgy. Seminars may also include analyses of notable plays and screenplays across a variety of genres. Students will write their own scripts,...

Application required. The instructor will review student portfolios of creative work to ensure a productive learning experience in which all students can contribute to and benefit from workshop-based pedagogy.

CIN349H1; DRM228H1; DRM328H1

INI414H1 Writing for Social Change

We will read and write a variety of texts focused on effecting social change. Students will be encouraged to engage with different theories of social change and an array of writing genres, ranging from journalism to critical theory to fiction. Ultimately, students will focus on one or several key social issues that they wish to write about for their final project.

Completion of 4.0 full-course equivalents.

INI103H1 Writing Essays

A course on essay writing designed to equip students with the skills required to write on different subjects and in a variety of different genres (including critical analysis, the narrative essay, and argumentative writing). By unpacking the stages of the writing process, this course helps students develop research, critical reading, planning, organization, writing, editing, and proofreading...