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ACT370H1 Financial Principles for Actuarial Science II

Mathematical theory of financial derivatives, discrete and continuous option pricing models, hedging strategies and exotic option valuation.

ACT240H1 (minimum grade C); ACT245H1 (minimum grade C); ACT247H1 (minimum grade C); (STA257H1,STA261H1); MAT237Y1/​MAT257Y1


ACT371H1 Basic Reserving Methods For P&C Insurance

Topics covered include reserving data and triangles, diagnoses methods that range from triangle of ratios of paid claims to reported claims to triangle of reported claim ratios. The syllabus also includes projection techniques. Not eligible for CR/NCR option.

ACT240H1, STA257H1

ACT372H1 Basic Ratemaking Methods For P&C Insurance

This course covers the basic ratemaking methods for P&C insurance. It assumes that students are familiar with traditional reserving diagnoses and projection methods. The syllabus would introduce concepts related to earning of exposures, on-level factors, catastrophe loading, large loss loading and credibility. Not eligible for CR/NCR option.


ACT390H1 Professional Experience in Actuarial Science

The professional experience is a mandatory course in the actuarial science Specialist program, in preparation for an internship work term after the PE course is completed. It includes various professional skill workshops, networking activities and an invited industry speaker series. (No tuition fee associated, however an ancillary fee of $550 will be assessed towards Professional Experience...

Enrolment in the Actuarial Science Specialist.

ACT398H0 Research Excursions

An instructor-supervised group project in an off-campus setting. Details at Not eligible for CR/NCR option.

ACT398Y0 Research Excursions

An instructor-supervised group project in an off-campus setting. Details at Not eligible for CR/NCR option.

ACT451H1 Loss Models

Loss models policy adjustments, frequency and severity models, compound distributions.


ACT452H1 Loss Models II

Estimation of Loss and Survival Models using complete, censored and truncated data. Product-Limit estimation, empirical estimation, moment and percentile estimation, maximum likelihood estimation and simulation models.

STA261H1, ACT451H1

ACT455H1 Advanced Topics in Actuarial Science

Advanced life contingencies, multiple decrement theory, insurance policy expenses, multi-state transition models, Poisson processes.

ACT348H1; ACT350H1/​STA347H1

ACT460H1 Stochastic Methods for Actuarial Science

Applications of the lognormal distribution, Brownian motion, geometric Brownian motion, martingales, Ito's lemma, stochastic differential equations, interest rate models, the Black-Scholes model, volatility, value at risk, conditional tail expectation.

ACT350H1/​STA347H1. (ACT370H1 strongly recommended)