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WGS386H1 Gender and Critical Political Economy

Offers a critical analysis of political economy, its historical and contemporary contentions and the ruptures that open the space for alternative theorizing beyond orthodox and heterodox thinking, by inserting gender and intersecting issues of power, authority and economic valorization across multiple and changing spheres: domestic, market and state.

WGS385H1 Gender and Neoliberalism

Reviews major feminist transnational, Marxist and Foucaultian approaches to the study of neoliberalism. Adopts a comparative, historical and global approach to the ways that gender is implicated in state restructuring, changing roles for corporations and non-governmental organizations, changing norms for personhood, sovereignty and citizenship, and changing ideas about time/space.

WGS382H1 Decolonial Aesthetics and Indigenous Futurities

Students are invited to think through the relationships between Indigenous and Afro-futurist concepts and land. This class will engage indigenous feminist and emergent indigenous queer theories to Indigenous and Afro-futurist thought. We explore various 'texts' relating to theoretical concepts and methodologies emerging from Indigenous decolonial work towards land and futures.

WGS335H1 (Special Topic in Women and Gender Studies: Decolonial Aesthetics and Futurities), offered in Winter 2018 and Winter 2019

WGS381H1 Black Britain: Race, Gender and Entangled Diasporas

An exploration of Black British history and culture, with a particular focus on labour, overlapping migrations, and racial formations following World War II. Topics and themes may include Afro-Asian-Arab politics and transnational solidarities against empire; citizenship and (non)belonging; mobilizations against fascism and state violence; the Black Women's Movement and Black British Feminisms...

WGS380H1 Feminist Graphic Novels

Comics aren't new, and graphic novels aren't either, but feminists have built a rich array of stories about consciousness, resistance, and coming of age in this genre that warrant scholarly attention. In this case, we will read graphic novels for their subtleties, thinking about what picture and text make possible in the exploration of emotion, interconnection, and identity. Reading about...

WGS376H1 Studies in Queer and Trans (formerly WGS272H1/WGS272Y1)

Takes up conversations in queer and trans studies as separate and entangled fields.  It explores how queer and trans people have experienced and theorized gender and sexuality.


WGS374H1 Feminist Studies in Sexuality

Sexual agency as understood and enacted by women in diverse cultural and historical contexts. An exploration of the ways in which women have theorized and experienced sexual expectations, practices and identities.  This course will be offered every three years.

WGS373H1 Gender and Violence

An interdisciplinary study of gendered violence in both historical and contemporary contexts including topics such as textual and visual representations; legal and theoretical analyses; structural violence; war and militarization; sexual violence; and resistance and community mobilization.

WGS372H1 Women and Psychology/ Psychoanalysis

An interdisciplinary analysis of the relationship of women to a variety of psychological and psychoanalytical theories and practices. Topics may include women and the psychological establishment; womens mental health issues; feminist approaches to psychoanalysis.

WGS370H1 Utopian Visions, Activist Realities

Drawing on diversely situated case-studies, this course focuses on the ideals that inform struggles for social justice, and the mechanisms activists have employed to produce the change. Foci include the gendered implications of movement participation, local and transnational coalition, alternative community formation, and encounters with the state and inter/supra/transnational organizations....