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INI236H1 A Multidisciplinary Introduction to Urban Studies II: Urban Challenges and Theoretical Application

Cities are centres of innovation and creative energy, but they also face significant and pressing challenges. This course explores various urban issues including inequality, eroding infrastructure, and concerns arising from globalization, while also examining the ways in which municipal governments and urban citizens are imagining and implementing potential solutions to these challenges.



HIS357Y1 A Social History of Renaissance Europe

A social history of the 15th and 16th centuries set against the cultural and political background. Emphasis on changes in customs and living conditions resulting from economic, legal, intellectual, and religious developments of the period.


MUS335H1 A Social History of the Piano

A survey of the changing roles and gendered associations of the piano c.1700 to the present day. Examples from the western art music tradition are compared to the acculturating force of the piano in other cultures, representations in the visual arts and film, and contemporary contexts of piano performance.


VIC361H0 A Study of Chinese Literature and Culture

This course will compare selected works of Chinese and Canadian authors with a view to the presentation of such writing in an educational setting.

HUN320Y1 A Survey of Hungarian Literature

A chronological study of the development of Hungarian literature since the 12th century; emphasis both on outstanding writers and on significant movements or themes. Transformations of ideas and changes in language and style. No knowledge of Hungarian required.

PSY440H1 Abnormal Psychology Seminar

Examination in depth of a limited topic within abnormal psychology. Content in any given year depends on instructor. Course capacity is limited to 20 students and enrolment priority is given to PSY Specialists and Research Specialists.

PSY202H1/ECO220Y1/ECO227Y1/STA221H1/SOC252H1/SOC300H1, PSY230H1/​PSY240H1


HIS369H1 Aboriginal Peoples of the Great Lakes from 1500 to 1830

Explores the history of Aboriginal peoples (Indigenous and Mtis) living in the Great Lakes Region from the 16th century to the aftermath of the war of 1812. Weaving together interdisciplinary sources, this course examines central events in Great Lakes history including the formation of the Wendat and Haudenosaunee Confederacies and key Anishinaabek alliances, the arrival of European newcomers...



HIS366H1 Aboriginal Peoples of the Great Lakes from 1815 to the Present

Explores the history of Aboriginal peoples (Indigenous and Metis) living in the Great Lakes Region after the Great Lakes were effectively split between British North America (later Canada) to the north and the united States to the south, when a rapidly increasing newcomer population on both sides of the border marginalized Indigenous peoples and settled on their land. Topics include a...



FAH349H1 Abstraction in Twentieth-Century Art

The origins, development, and critical issues pertaining to abstract or non-figurative modes of art as manifested in painting, sculpture and other selected media upt to the present time. Movements include European abstract art before World War II as well as post-war developments.


EAS416Y1 Academic and Professional Korean

This course aims to assist students to upgrade their language proficiency for academic and professional purposes. It is ideal for students who seek career opportunities in Korea-related business or in higher education in Korean studies. Emphasis is on comprehension and composition of academic and business texts and preparation for Korean proficiency tests. Students who do not meet the...

EAS310Y1 (70% minimum)/equivalent as determined by placement process.

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