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WGS369H1 Studies in Post-Colonialism

Examines gendered representations of race, ethnicity, class, sexuality and disability in a variety of colonial, neo-colonial, and post-colonial contexts. Topics may include the emergence of racialist, feminist, liberatory and neoconservative discourses as inscribed in literary texts, historical documents, cultural artifacts and mass media.


WGS367H1 The Politics of Gender and Health

Examines diverse traditions and normative models of health (e.g. biomedicine, social constructionist, indigenous health) in conjunction with analyses of the origin, politics, and theoretical perspectives of contemporary Womens Health Movements. Topics may include fertility, sexuality, poverty, violence, labour, ageing, (dis)ability, and health care provision.

WGS365H1 Gender Issues in the Law

Examines the operation of the law as it affects women, the construction and representation of women within the legal system, and the scope for feminist and intersectional analyses of law. Includes an analysis of specific legal issues such as sexuality and reproduction, equality, employment, violence and immigration.

WGS363H1 Selected Topics in Gender and Theory

An upper level seminar. Subjects of study vary from year to year.

WGS362H1 Selected Topics in Gender and History

An upper level seminar. Subjects of study vary from year to year.

WGS360H1 Making Knowledge in a World that Matters

Teaches skills in feminist approaches to making knowledge.  Introduces feminist practices for doing research and navigating the politics of production and exchange.  Develops skills for conveying knowledge to the wider world, such as through research papers, reports, performance, new media, art.


WGS355H1 Gendered Labour Around the World

This course will focus on masculinities and femininities in workplace settings, with an emphasis on service work around the world. We will discuss workers' lived experiences of gender regimes which are embedded within the dynamics of class, race and nation.  The relationships between gender processes and workplace hierarchies will be explored. 

WGS363H1 Gendered Labour Around the World

WGS340H1 Women and Revolution in the Middle East

This course examines the conplex and conflictual relations between women and revolutionary struggles and foces on a number of theoretical and empirical issues relevant to the Middle East and North Africa context. 

WGS335H1 Women and Revolution in the Middle East

WGS336H1 Selected Topics in Cultural Studies

An upper level course. Topics vary from year to year. Please consult the Women & Gender Studies Institute's website for more information.

WGS335H1 Special Topic in Women and Gender Studies

An upper level seminar. Subjects of study vary from year to year.

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