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ANT327H1 "Diversity": Critical/Comparative Studies of Indigeneity, Multiculturalism and (Settler) Colonialism

How do societies understand and manage their own diversity?  This course unites critical studies of multiculturalism and settler colonialism to study Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S., also examining strategies in other sites for managing diversity which are framed differently (e.g. superdiversity (Europe), co-existence (Japan), multiracialism (Hawai’i), mestizoness (Mexico)).

ANT204H1 or ANT253H1

CIN371H1 (New) Media Aesthetics

Investigates the theory and history of media technologies as sites of aesthetic investment in a wide variety of artistic practices, focusing on contemporary digital media work, including experimental cinema, gallery installation,, and avant-garde videogames. One important emphasis lies in the aesthetic possibilities new (and newly inexpensive) media technologies have made available to...


CIN340H1 (Topics: (New) Media Aesthetics), offered in Winter 2017

NMC256H1 1001 Nights Around the World

Reveals how the 1001 Nights was created, transformed, and disseminated. We consider the politics and aesthetics of medieval and modern adaptations - manuscripts, films, ballet, novels, and short stories produced around the world. Builds toward a final project -- either a creative project or an essay.

PHL210Y1 17th-and 18th-Century Philosophy

Central texts of such philosophers as Hobbes, Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Locke, Berkeley, Hume, and Kant.

PHLB35H3, PHL210Y5

FAH340H1 17th-Century Art of the Netherlands

Concentration on the major masters of Holland’s Golden Age, ca. 1580-ca. 1700. Particular attention is paid to genre painting and the notion of “Dutch realism.” Consideration of art within its social and historical contexts.

FAH230H1/​ FAH231H1/​274H1/279H1

GER321H1 19th Century German Literature

This course focuses on German authors of the nineteenth century. Literary, political and philosophical texts are analyzed as a discussion of political uprisings, the industrial revolution and the emergence of German nationalism.


FAH352H1 19th Century Photography

An introduction to the major artists, movements, and debates in photography in Europe and North America, from its prehistory to the turn of the century.  Issues considered include the relationship of social class to aesthetics, the role of illusion, the rise of mass reproduction.

FAH447H1 19th-Century Landscape Painting

Investigation of English, French, German and Swiss landscape painting from the birth of the Romantic movement to Post-Impressionism.

FAH245H1/​ FAH287H1

HIS394H1 20th and 21st Century African Icons: Media and Biography

Superseding 19th century European missionary and explorers' accounts of Africa; media in the 20th and 21st centuries have unequivocally played a key role in shaping the globe's views of Africa and Africans. In 2005, BBC Focus on Africa put out an impressive list of more than 100 "African Icons". Since then, a number of websites have come up with various lists of African icons. Who are the...

HIS295Y1/​ HIS297Y1/​ HIS383H1/​ HIS383Y1/​ HIS386H1/​ HIS481H1/​ NEW160Y1/​ NEW261Y1/​ NEW351Y1/​ POL301Y1/​ POL361H1 or by permission from the Instructor.


HIS317H1 20th Century Germany

A survey of modern German history in the twentieth century. Topics include World War I and the postwar settlement, the Weimar Republic, the National Socialist dictatorship, the Holocaust, the division of Germany, the Cold War, German reunification, Germany and the European Union, nationalism, political culture, war and revolution, religious and ethnic minorities and questions of history and...

HIS103Y1/​ HIS109Y1/ (HIS241H1, HIS242H1)/ EUR200Y1