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FOR200H1 Conservation of Canada's Forests

Forest conservation issues in Canada; development of forest management philosophy in Canadian and temperate forest regions; and concepts of sustainability. Techniques for more sustainable forest management: structural retention; forest certification; old growth; value-added and non-traditional forest products. Field trip fee: $20.

FOR201H1 Conservation of Tropical and Subtropical Forests

The world's major tropical and subtropical forest biomes; prospects for conservation and sustainable management; consequences of different forest development strategies; tropical deforestation and selective logging; agroforestry; biodiversity and non-timber forest products; the fuelwood crisis; large carnivore conservation; ecological, economic and social perspectives.

FOR300H1 Forest Products in Sustainable Forestry

Traditional and non-traditional forest products; wood structure; properties and material attributes; functional characteristics and logistics of wood product industry. Contribution of innovative product development to conservation; adding value; residue use; biorefinery; under-utilized species; wood protection. Forest product certification; eco-labelling; life cycle analysis.

FOR301H1 Field Methods in Forest Conservation

A practical introduction to the field methods used by forest conservationists in Ontario. This field course will last 10-days from August 30 September 8 approximately. Field exercises will provide students with practical training in tree identification, forest ecosystem classification, forest inventory, stand management prescriptions, tree marking, and silvicultural systems. Each student is...

FOR302H1 Societal Values and Forest Management

The course will provide diverse perspectives about societal values and forests, such as Indigenous perspective, ecosystem services and human well-being, climate change and carbon sequestration, and forest management systems, such as community-based forest management and adaptive management systems; and will develop an understanding of the need of integrative approach to address the social,...

FOR303H1 Human Dimensions of Global Forests

Global forest resources; relationships between societies and forests, consumption, trade and valuation of timber and non-timber products; ecosystem services, climate change and forestry, tropical deforestation and softwood lumber dispute.

FOR305H1 Biology of Trees and Forests

An overview of the biology of trees and the ecological principles that govern the structure and function of forests. Topics in tree biology will include tree identification, wood anatomy, tree architecture, resource acquisition and allocation, tree growth and mortality. Topics in forest ecology will include resource competition, stand development, species succession, and the cycling of...

FOR306H1 Tropical Forest Ecology and Conservation Field Course

This course will provide practical experience in tropical forest conservation, introducing tools for rapid assessment of biodiversity, analysis of human use and natural disturbance impacts on forest structure and diversity, and the development of effective forest conservation strategies. The 10-day course will be field-based in the country of Dominica, West Indies. Additional fees of $2700 for...

FOR201H1, FOR301H1 or FOR305H1

FOR307H1 Forest Insect Ecology & Management

Insect identification and ecology, biodiversity and conservation, invasive species, insect-tree interaction, biological control, pesticide use, and integrated pest management.

FOR310H1 Bioenergy from Sustainable Forest Management

Socio-economic, technical, political and environmental issues associated with the utilization of forest biomass (e.g., harvesting residues, thinnings, salvage, short rotation woody crops) for a source of renewable energy.


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