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Animal Physiology Major (Science Program) - ASMAJ1538

Students learn to compare and contrast the physiological systems of different animal species, or of a single species under difference environmental conditions. This experimental science strives to understand how physiological systems allow animals to adapt to their individual and ever-changing environments. Through a systems-level approach, from molecules to organisms, students gain an understanding of how emergent properties arise when physiological components operate as a whole.

After foundational courses in first and second year, students participate in advanced lecture, seminar and laboratory courses, and are encouraged to apply for research project courses in the laboratories of the Department. Course offerings include neurophysiology, respiratory physiology, endocrinology...

(8 full courses or their equivalent)

First Year:

1. BIO120H1, BIO130H1; ( CHM135H1, CHM136H1)/( CHM138H1, CHM139H1)/ CHM151Y1
2. 1.0 credit from JMB170Y1/​ MAT135H1/​ MAT136H1/​ MAT137Y1/​ MAT157Y1/​...

Cell and Systems Biology
Anthropology Major (Evolutionary) (Science Program) - ASMAJ1510

(6.5 credits, including at least 2 credits at the 300+ level, 0.5 credits of which must be at the 400-level)

First Year and/or Second Year:
1. BIO120H1
2. ANT100Y1 or BIO220H1. If BIO220H1 is taken, students must take an additional 0.5 credit in ANT
3. ANT203Y1

Upper Years:
4. 2.0 credits from ANT208H1, ANT333Y1, ANT334H1, ANT335Y1...

Anthropology Major (General) (Arts Program) - ASMAJ1775

(6.5 credits)

First and/or Second Year:

1. ANT100Y1
2. ANT207H1
3. 1.0 credit from ANT200Y1, ANT203Y1
4. 0.5 credit from ANT204H1, ANT208H1, ANT253H1

Upper years

5. 2.5 credits at the 300+-level from either Group A or Group B or Group C, including at least 0.5 credit at the 400-level.
6. 1.0 additional credit from a Group other than that used to meet requirement #5

Anthropology Major (Society, Culture, and Language) (Arts Program) - ASMAJ2112

(6.5 credits including at least 2.0 credits at the 300+ level and at least 1 credit at the 400 level)

First and/or Second Year
1. ANT207H1
2. ANT204H1 or ANT253H1

Upper years
3. ANT370H1 or ANT425H1
4. Five additional credits from Group C including at least 1 credit at the 400 level. Students who want to focus more specifically on the role of language in culture and society should take ANT253H1, ANT425H1, and courses in the C...

Anthropology Minor (General) (Arts Program) - ASMIN1775

(4 credits including at least one 300-level course; excluding ANT497Y/ANT498H/ ANT499H)

First and/or Second Year
1. ANT100Y1
2. 2 credits from ANT200Y1, ANT203Y1, ANT204H1, ANT207H1, ANT208H1, ANT253H1

Upper years
3. 1.0 credit at the 300+ level from either Group A or Group B or Group C

Anthropology Specialist (Society, Culture, and Language) (Arts Program) - ASSPE2112

(10 credits, including at least 2 credits at the 400 level)

First and/or Second Year
1. ANT204H1 and ANT207H1

Upper years
2. ANT370H1 and ANT380H1
3. 6 credits from Group C including at least 0.5 credits course from Subgroup C(i)
4. ANT475H1 and an additional 1.5 credits at the 400-level

Applied Mathematics Specialist (Science Program) - ASSPE2053

(13.0-13.5 FCE, including at least 1.5 FCE at the 400-level)

The Specialist Program in Applied Mathematics is directed toward students who hope to pursue applied mathematical research as a career.

First Year:
MAT157Y1, MAT240H1, MAT247H1, ( CSC108H1, CSC148H1)/ CSC150H1

Second Year:
MAT257Y1, MAT267H1, STA257H1,...

Archaeology Major (Arts Program) - ASMAJ0155

(7 credits, including at least 2 credits at the 300+ level and 0.5 credits  at the 400-level)

First Year:

1. ANT200Y1
2. ANT100Y1 or CLA160H1. If CLA160H1 is taken, students must take an additional 0.5 credits from the following: CLA210H1, CLA230H1, CLA231H1; FAH206H1, FAH207H1; GGR100H1,...

Archaeology Minor (Arts Program) - ASMIN0155

(4 full course equivalents, including at least 1 FCE at the 300- or 400-levels)

1. ANT200Y1
2. ARH305H1 and ARH309H1
3. 1.5 credits from Group A
4. 0.5 credits from Group B

If ARH312Y is completed, it will be considered a Group A course.

Archaeology Specialist (Arts Program) - ASSPE0155

(11 credits, including at least 4 credits at the 300+ level and 1 credit at the 400 level)

First Year:
1. ANT200Y1
2. Statistical Requirement: GGR270H1 (Geography pre- or co-requisites waived for Archaeology and Anthropology students); or 0.5 credit from STA220H1, STA221H1, STA247H1, STA248H1, STA255H1, STA257H1, STA261H1, or ANTC35H3 (at UTSC...