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Archaeology Specialist

(11 full courses or their equivalent, including at least 4 FCE at the 300+ level and 1 FCE at the 400 level)

First Year:
1. ANT200Y1
2. Statistical Requirement: GGR270H1 (Geography pre- or co-requisites waived for Archaeology and Anthropology students); or 0.5 FCE from STA220H1, STA221H1, STA247H1, STA248H1, STA255H1, STA257H1, STA261H1, or...

Asian Canadian Studies Minor

The Minor in Asian Canadian Studies provides students with an opportunity to better understand the historical, socio-cultural, economic, and political forces that shape our knowledge about people of Asian heritage in Canada, and in relationship to Asia and the diaspora. The category "Asian Canadian" is widely understood to refer to people in Canada of East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and West Asian ancestry.

The program is interdisciplinary. Courses foreground the intersections of race and ethnicity with other indices of difference, such as gender, class, migration, sexuality, language, and spirituality, in local, national, and global contexts. Students take two required half-year core courses in Canadian Studies; select from an array of courses on Asian Canadian...

Asian Canadian Studies Minor

(4 full courses or their equivalent, including at least 1 FCE at the 300+ level).

First Year: No specific first-year requirements. (Students are advised to take introductory courses that will serve as prerequisites for optional courses of interest to them later in the program.)

1. CDN267H1/​CDN268H1

2. CDN367H1/​CDN368H1

3. 2 FCEs from the following courses: CAS413H1/​EAS315H1/​ENG268H1...

University College
Asian Geographies (offered jointly with the National University of Singapore) Minor

Asian Geographies offers a structure exchange opportunity between the University of Toronto and National University of Singapore (NUS). This program allows students to study geographic themes through the lens of development and change in Asia. They complete half of this minor program while at National University of Singapore (NUS), selecting from courses there that locate geographic questions in a local or regional context.

This Type 3 minor program represents a unique opportunity to study geography in a different cultural environment. For more information, contact the Undergraduate Office and the Centre for International Experience (CIE, Students are advised to contact the U of T Geography Department in advance of...

First Year Geography Course: Any course (0.5 FCE) from GGR100H1/​JEG100H1, GGR101H1, GGR107H1, GGR112H1, GGR124H1

Applications (UofT): Any 3 (1.5 FCE) higher level GGR/JGE/JGI/JFG/JUG courses

Applications (NUS): Any 4 courses (2.0 FCEs) from NUS250H0, NUS251H0, NUS252H0, NUS253H0,...

Geography and Planning
Asian Literatures and Cultures Minor

This humanities-based Type 3 Minor program represents a unique opportunity to study Asian Literatures and Cultures within a Southasian location. Students take core subjects at the first-year or second-year level in Toronto and then spend one semester of their second, third or fourth year at the National University of Singapore (NUS) where they are enrolled in lecture courses. For more information, contact the English Undergraduate Office and the Centre for International Experience at

Four FCE, including ENG270Y1 and one other ENG FCE from the list above and two appropriate NUS FCE, including at least one 300-series ENG or NUS FCE. Students are advised to contact the...

Astronomy & Astrophysics Major

This program is appropriate for students interested in a more flexible and diverse undergraduate program. It may be tailored to be a natural counterpart to a second major in Mathematics, Physics or Computer Science; students should consult the undergraduate chairs of Astronomy & Astrophysics and the respective departments for advice on course selection.

(8 full courses or their equivalent, including at least 2 at the 300+ level, and at least 0.5 at the 400 level)

First Year:
(MAT135H1, MAT136H1)/MAT137Y1/​MAT157Y1; (PHY131H1,...

Astronomy and Astrophysics
Astronomy & Astrophysics Minor

A program designed for students looking to add breadth to a program in another, perhaps unrelated discipline.

(4 full courses or their equivalent)

1. AST221H1, AST222H1, AST320H1, AST325H1/​AST326Y1
2. (PHY131H1, PHY132H1)//(PHY151H1, PHY152H1)
3. PHY252H1 and one of...

Astronomy and Astrophysics
Astronomy & Physics Specialist

The Astronomy & Physics Specialist program combines rigorous training in the full spectrum of core physics subfields with their application in astronomy. Lecture courses are complemented by practical courses, and the program culminates in a supervised research project, where all the skills learned are used, and which is intended to be published.

(14 full courses or their equivalent, including at least 4 at the 300+ level, and at least 1 at the 400 level)

First Year:
MAT137Y1/​MAT157Y1, MAT223H1/​MAT240H1; PHY151H1,...

Astronomy and Astrophysics
Biochemistry Major

8 full courses or their equivalent, including two 400-series half-year courses as noted below.

First Year: (BIO120H1, BIO130H1); (CHM135H1, CHM136H1)/(CHM138H1, CHM139H1)/CHM151Y1; (MAT135H1, MAT136H1)/MAT137Y1/​MAT157Y1

Second Year:...

Biochemistry Specialist

(14 full courses or their equivalent, including at least five 400-series courses)

First Year: (BIO120H1, BIO130H1); (CHM135H1, CHM136H1)/ (CHM138H1, CHM139H1)/CHM151Y1; and (MAT135H1, MAT136H1)/MAT137Y1/​MAT157Y1

First or Second Year: (...

Biodiversity and Conservation Biology Major

(8 FCEs including at least 2.0 FCEs at 300+ series with at least 0.5 FCE at the 400 level series)

First Year (1.5 FCEs): BIO120H1; (MAT135H1, MAT136H1)/MAT137Y1

Higher Years:

1. 2.0 FCEs: BIO220H1 (ecology and evolutionary biology); EEB225H1(recommended)/STA220H1/​STA257H1/​STA288H1/​GGR270H1/​...

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology