First-Year Foundations

First-year students in the Faculty of Arts & Science have access to many kinds of foundational opportunities. Large-scale lectures offer a dynamic experience and can be supported with tutorials or labs. Smaller, more intimate courses can help you build relationships with professors and peers early on in your academic career.

If you are considering a small-class experience, read below to learn more about First-Year Foundation Seminars and First-Year Foundation Ones Programs. Victoria College also has seminar courses called the Vic One Hundred series that are open to all Arts & Science first- year students.  (Please note: Some Ones Programs require applications—see below for details.)

First-Year Foundation Seminars

First-Year Foundation Seminars enable new students to engage in academically rigorous discussions and develop strong written, oral, and teamwork skills in the process. These small classes are capped at 25 students, which helps ensure that all students are active participants in discussions and have the opportunity to build relationships with professors early on in their academic career. 

These courses focus on issues, questions and controversies surrounding a particular topic or theme. Taught by some of the Faculty's leading scholars, the best researchers and teachers at U of T, they are restricted to newly admitted first-year students.  Enrol during summer course selection. 

First-Year Foundation One Programs

First-Year Foundation Ones Programs are interactive, small-group courses allow you to network with peers and professors and explore a range of compelling issues. All seven colleges in the Faculty of Arts & Science and the Munk School of Global Affairs offer First Year Foundation Ones Programs, which typically combine one or more theme-based courses with co-curricular events and experiential learning. These distinctive first-year programs build community, foster critical thinking and writing skills and develop intellectual independence. 

All newly admitted first-year students in the Faculty of Arts & Science can register for First-Year Foundation Ones Programs, regardless of college affiliation. 
Note: Some First Year Foundation Ones Programs require an application, while you enrol in others during course selection. See details below.