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Impact Centre

Faculty List

Professor and Director 
M. Cynthia Goh, BS, PhD (U) 

Cross Appointed
E. Istrate, BASc, PhD


The Impact Centre's goal is for proactive knowledge translation, in which university-based expertise is brought to create value to society. Innovation and entrepreneurship are important aspects in this process, and the Impact Centre is home to a number of training activities for students to gain entrepreneurial skills. These skills are useful whether starting a company, or joining an existing company. At the undergraduate level, this program includes lecture-based and experiential-learning courses.

The courses are aimed at students from all disciplines. Inventions sometimes come from the science or engineering labs, but getting them out of the lab and available to meeting society's needs requires a very diverse set of skills. This is usually done by multi-disciplinary teams with representatives from the sciences, the social sciences and the humanities. Therefore, the courses will emphasise such collaborations between students of diverse backgrounds.