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Faculty List

University Professors Emeriti 
F.I.M. Craik, PhD, FRSC 
E. Tulving, PhD, D Litt, FD, FRS 

Professors Emeriti 
J.L. Freedman, PhD 
J.E. Grusec, PhD 
L. Hasher, PhD 
C.P. Herman, PhD 
J.A. Hogan, PhD 
R.S. Lockhart, PhD 
B.B. Murdock, PhD 
B.B. Schiff, PhD 
S.J. Shettleworth, PhD 
I. Spence, PhD 
G.C. Walters, PhD 
J.S. Yeomans, PhD 

University Professors 
M. Moscovitch, PhD 

Professor and Chair of the Department 
S. Ferber, PhD 

Professor and Graduate Chair of the Department 
A. Chasteen, PhD 

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream and Acting Associate Chair (Undergraduate Studies) 
A. Waggoner Denton, PhD

Director (Graduate Studies) 
N. Anderson, PhD 

Professor and Associate Director (Graduate Studies) 
G. MacDonald, PhD 

W. Cunningham, PhD 
G. Einstein, PhD 
C.C. Helwig, PhD 
J.B. Peterson, PhD 
J.W. Pratt, PhD 
M.R. Ralph, PhD 
J. Sommerville, PhD 

Associate Professors 
M. Barense,PhD 
J. Kim, PhD 
P. Lockwood, PhD 
E. Page-Gould, PhD 
J.E. Plaks, PhD 
N. Rule, PhD 
R.W. Tafarodi, PhD 
K. Takehara, PhD 

Assistant Professors 
D. Bernhardt-Walther, PhD 
D. Buchsbaum, PhD 
L. Corbit, PhD  
A. Finn, PhD 
K. Duncan, PhD
M. Mack, PhD

R. Neel, PhD 
M. Schlichting, PhD
C. Starmans, PhD

Associate Professors, Teaching Stream
D. Dolderman, PhD

Assistant Professors, Teaching Stream 
M. Metz, PhD 
A. Sharples, PhD
J. Vervaeke, PhD
S. Wood, PhD 

Sessional Lecturers 
T. Boritz, PhD 
C. Burton, PhD 
H. Gordon, PhD 
N. Stuckless, PhD 
W. Huggon, PhD 

Special Lecturers 
J. Downar, MD, PhD 
P. Selby, MA, MD


Psychology is the branch of science that focuses on the behaviour of human beings and animals. Our courses span the various areas of psychology and introduce students to the methods used in psychological research. The basic tools of a research psychologist include experimentation in the laboratory and field, naturalistic observation, and the use of statistical methods in interpreting data. 

Our faculty have highly diversified interests which are reflected in the number and variety of our undergraduate course offerings. These include courses in cognitive neuroscience, cognitive psychology, computational neuroscience, developmental psychology, human and animal learning, perception, personality psychology, physiological psychology, and social psychology.

For more information, please consult our website ( or one of the following:

Undergraduate Administrator: Sidney Smith Hall, Room 4014 (416-978-3407,
Prospective Student Inquiries: Sidney Smith Hall, Room 4026 (416-978-7304,
Main Office/General Inquiries: Sidney Smith Hall, Room 4020 (416-978-5201,

Regarding Psychology Programs

Psychology programs at the St. George Campus are limited enrolment, which means there are a limited number of spaces to offer students.  Please note that just meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee one a spot in any of our programs and, in most cases, students will need to exceed them to be competitive because of the volume of applications in comparison to the number of program spaces available. 

Entry into all Psychology programs requires the minimum of a senior-level (Gr. 12) high school course in Calculus, as well as Grade 12 Biology.  Please note that these two requirements will not be waived.  Students who completed PSY100Y1 before 1998 at the University of Toronto are exempt from the Calculus requirement.