St. Michael's College

Faculty List

Professor Emerita 
A. Dooley, MA, Ph D 

R. Boyagoda, MA, Ph D
M. G. McGowan, MA, Ph D 
G. Silano, LLB, MA, Ph D 
D.A. Wilson, MA, Ph D 

Associate Professors 
A. Andrée, MA, Ph D, LMS 
R. Locklin, MTS, Ph D 

Assistant Professor 
B. Miles, MA, Ph D 

Associate Professors, Teaching Stream 
S. Hoselton, MA, M Ed (USMC) 
M. O’Connor, Ph B, STB, STL, D Phil (USMC) 
J. Brooke, BA, MA, Ph D (USMC) 



St. Michael’s College offers a number of programs which emerge from its academic strength in various scholarly fields and reflect its centuries-old Christian intellectual traditions. Please consult the relevant websites for more complete information on each program.

SMC One: The Gilson Seminar

New for 2017-18, St. Michael’s College offers first-year students the chance to join an exclusive seminar that will explore the intersection of faith with today’s most important questions.

The Seminar consists of two half-courses, each featuring lectures, small-group discussions, community events, and guest speakers.

Fall 2017: The Gilson Seminar in Faith and Ideas

Inspired by the Catholic intellectual tradition and from a variety of perspectives, we will explore questions related to faith and ecology, science, literature and politics. The Seminar features a weekly lecture on a major topic and a small tutorial in which you will have a chance to explore the subject in greater depth. Throughout this course, you will have a chance to read, reflect, discuss and write about timely issues while engaging with timeless ideas. Students will receive 0.5 course credits for taking this course, which would be one of normally 5 courses that they would take in the Fall term.

Summer 2018: The Gilson Seminar in Faith and Rome

This course features a two-week international learning experience in Rome, Italy, that explores the roles that the Catholic Church and Vatican have played in ecology, science, literature and politics. The Seminar features daily lectures and site-specific talks and tours in and around Rome. You will have a chance to immerse yourself in the living history of one of the world’s great centres of belief and culture and in turn to reflect, discuss, and write about this experience. Students will receive 0.5 course credits for taking this course, which runs in the Summer term.

Book and Media Studies:
An interdisciplinary and historical investigation of the role of printing, books and reading in cultures past and present. Topics explored include: manuscript and book production, internet publishing, book illustrations, censorship, advertising, readership and electronic media.

Celtic Studies: 
Examines the literature, languages, history, music, folklore and archaeology of the peoples of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Investigates Celtic identities in the ancient and modern worlds, and explores the transmission of Irish, Scottish and Welsh traditions to Canada and the United States. 

Christianity and Culture: 
A multidisciplinary exploration of Christian traditions from artistic, literary, philosophical, theological, scientific, social and historical perspectives.

Mediaeval Studies: 
An interdisciplinary treatment of the history, art, literature and thought of the Middle Ages. 

St. Michael’s also offers a number of courses, listed below, which form part of the above programs, or of the programs of other colleges and departments, or are a reflection of staff and student academic interests not always available in departmental course offerings.

Principal & Vice President: Prof. Randy Boyagoda, 81 St. Mary Street, Room 127, Odette Hall (416-926-7148)